Vibrators Instead Of Ventilators

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Minister Mthembu had a night he will never forget.

Last night we had a breaking news announcement that turned out to be something that will never be forgotten. We are all meant to be paying attention to these idiots who are updating us and handing out advice. You just can't make this stuff up and it is like a comedy show with straight faces.

The breaking news turned out to be nothing more than an update saying they have been handing out much needed PPE clothing and vibrators to patients in need of serious attention in ICU. I am hoping it is the language barrier even though he was the spokes person for the ANC Government. Surely he knows the difference between a ventilator and a vibrator. He later came back on air and apologized saying he mentioned something else and should have been ventilators. He should of just left it as everyone knew what he meant and highlighted the error to everyone that missed it. Simpletons at work.

This is the link from Twitter and is a must watch as the guy watching it cracks up making it even funnier. Picture wouldn't load so I don't know what is up. If you see his reaction after he says vibrator he knows he has done an error as the crew in the studio must have cracked up as he struggles with his next lines.

Our President Cyril Ramaphosa was stressing how important it was to wear a face mask on his lock down update he forgot to practice putting one on. In all honesty this looks like this was his first attempt and it was made to look more difficult than it should have.


Personally I think making these mistakes makes them more popular with the public as it shows anyone can screw things up. We just have to look across at what Trump has done with his wonderful new ideas regarding bleach and cleaning the lungs. Talk about back pedaling. If anyone of his followers were contemplating it then they have more than Covid-19 to worry about and are a danger to themselves.

Honestly with the lock down rules we have had in place you don't know what is going to come next. I just wish they would be honest with everyone as behind the scenes this is just a stalling tactic. Up the road near the World Cup Football Stadium is an exhibition center called Nasrec and over the past 4 weeks they have been making a massive temporary hospital. They expect massive numbers as from what I have heard just there they have 1000 ICU beds waiting on standby as the country opens up. Hopefully no vibrators though.

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