A Rollercoaster in Another World (sci-fi flash fiction)

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Alexander hoped with a heavy heart that his horse would enjoy his last ride on the rumbling rollercoaster. In his bleeding edge horse seat, Mauritius whined, his legs pulled by a menacing handler. Alexander sighed, helped push him in and caressed his maine, at which moment the old horse became quiet and focused. Mauritius alone had won Alexander ninety million dollars and the IRS was hunting him down. The jockey, however, would rather endebt himself than let his horse die before he could give him something for his time’s worth.

“Set him up for the sunset route, will you, Jimmy?”, Alexander said. No response. Alexander turned around and, seeing no one there, raised a brow and pressed the sunset route himself before getting up beside Mauritius for the ride. The ride rumbled and pushed forward, arcs of electricity mixing in with the pink sky. There weren’t supposed to be any arcs of electricity.

“Mister Alexander!” The coaster comm said.

“What is it?” He replied

“You are heading towards an interplanetary warp!” Jimmy exclaimed.

Why the hell was a rollercoaster in the fun side of the town tied to a warp? He did not know, but he grabbed the horse’s seat and disengaged it, then ejected it toward the sky. He did the same to his own one second later and opened both parachutes.

Having thrown themselves off the rollercoaster, the view was not covered by the bars ahead. The sunset hit him and Mauritius directly to their eyeballs. In a sense, he had given his old horse a last fix of adrenaline, and then a beautiful landscape before his final sleep.

Why I wrote this story

I was following a funny tutorial on a lecture by Mary Robinette Kowal on Brandon Sanderson's lecture series and I decided to make it as quirky as I could. I'm satisfied. :)