Today's dream: The devil house, the dragon & the angel

in GEMS4 months ago (edited)

The Key

It all started in what I can only assume was the/a devil’s house. I can’t remember the door, but I do know that it was something demonic. For all I know, it could have been a red face with horns and flaming eyes. Inside, there was a living room with people I knew, including my father. After that, there was a hallway, and then a small buffer entrance right beside the demonic door with a small cabinet.

I knelt and started opening the little drawers on the cabinet, looking for an electronic key. Instead, I found a plastic bag with many instruments for making and adorning keys. There was a shiny thing that was supposed to be plugged into the key, which in this instance was a kind of pen drive, and then used to open the door using the key configuration, a few tiny black rods to configure the key or fix it, etc., basically a toolkit. I looked a lot but no key 😞 though I can’t remember what I wanted it for.

I went back inside. In the living room, I saw a blond man standing; he had short hair, was very white and had an ethereal air. I knew he was an angel. I approached him and asked if, among his magical abilities, he could create a key. I imagined it like touching one pen drive and magically making a copy of it with all its contents appear in your other hand. He said yes, and I was excited, mission accomplished. I was really at awe at having an angel make me a key. He never actually made it, though!

The Dragon

It flew in the sky, the flat beast. It was fierce and filled me with fear. Looking around, we were in a jungle village, though drier, like a beach jungle. The angel was there, but female. Once we sensed the dragon, we hurriedly walked to the nearest hut, though we were too many people, so some kept running forward. I sat down, next to the angel, who was a small brunette with black shoulder-level hair and a red turtleneck. I was astounded that a divine being would be shaking so much. I covered her mouth and gave her my shoulder to calm down. I told her to shush and calm down. If the dragon found us, we’d be dead, and I feared it would smell her fear or hear her shaking. She calmed down, and I looked out, wondering whether the dragon would glide back. We were in an open hut, like a big exhibition stall with wooden legs and a hay roof. But it didn’t come. I looked out and worried that if it came, it would be a faster death than we could run.

The club

The angel was in a hallway. She went to the guard standing in front and said the young aristocrat had asked for her to be at his bed. She was allowed into the club. The man was sitting on a sofa next to another person, people behind at and the front. The angel tapped him in various points of his skin, which lit up, and some people realized this was not ideal, but when they were deciding to get up to intervene, she was finished and stopped. The points joined into his head, and his eyes became blank. Hers too. Their souls left into a parallel dimension. She was hunting him, it seems.