Top Earners on HIVE in the First Days | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | Who are the top earners from each category?

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The Hive blockchain has been alive starting from March 20, 2020. How are things on the earning side? Who is making the most? Are there any changes from before?

I have posted the Top Earners on Steem for January 2020 before.

Here we will be looking at the overall inflation distribution for HIVE in its first days, looking at the authors, curators, witnesses and DAO rewards.


The period analyzed is March 20 – 31, 2020.

A total of 12 days.

This in not a nice timeframe but still let’s have a look. A follow up post will be made for April 2020. Maybe even a comparison with Steem, that will be interesting 😊.

The inflation distribution on Hive goes as follows:

  • Authors 32.5%
  • Curators 32.5%
  • HP holders 15%
  • Witnesses 10%
  • DAO 10%

We will look at the numbers for HIVE distributed for each category, the top earners of the categories and a compiled data for the overall top earners on HIVE.

Top Authors

Here is the chart for the top 20 Hive authors that earned the most in the period March 20 – 31, 2020.


Note: These are not totally accurate numbers because there is a conversion on HBD to HIVE implemented for simplification.

@blocktrades is on the top here with more than 3k HIVE earned, followed by @tarazkp on the second place and @steemcleaners on the third place. Accounts lower on the list have earned around 1000 HIVE in these 12 days period.

A total of 10,482 accounts have earned authors rewards, out of which 5,985 have earned more than 1 HIVE. An approximate of 294k HIVE was distributed to authors in this period (HBD included).

Top Curators

The chart for the top 20 Hive curators in the period March 20 – 31, 2020 looks like this.


The note from the authors reward applies here as well. The numbers are aporximate.

The @appreciator account has a 5M SP delegation from @freedom and it’s the largest account that is curating, ergo the curations rewards. It has almost 24k HP in the 12 days period. Next are the @rocky1 account and @upmewhale. @theycallmedan is on the 4th place on the curators list.

The account above are the biggest curators on the Hive blockchain. Hope they will do a great job in curating and making this place grow.

A total of 15,987 accounts have earned curation rewards in this period, out of which 4,993 have earned more than 1 HIVE. A total of 265k HIVE was distributed to curators in this period.

Top Witnesses

The top witnesses’ earnings charts look like this.


I have included 21 account in this chart to show the drop in earnings after the 20th spot. The top 20 are earning around the same amount of HIVE (HP), just below 4k in these 12 days period. Witnesses

A total of 125 accounts have earned witness rewards in this period. An approximate 98k HIVE (HP) was distributed to witnesses in this period.

The DAO Payouts

Accounts that received funding from the DAO in the period.


There is significant amount of funds in the DAO now, because of the Steemit Inc stake has been transferred there. Although this stake is still not in use, because it is in HIVE, not HBD. The funds that are distributed to the workers now are from the regular 10% inflation that the fund receive.

On the top is the @peak.proposals account that is receiving funds for the development of Next is the @sbdpotato project, then @neutuso and @howo on the fourth place.

A total of 14 accounts have received an approximate 14k HBD in these 12 days period from the DAO. The DAO daily budget at the moment is around 4.5k HBD.

Top Earners Cumulative

From the data above we can compile the payout for a single ranking on overall top earners on the Hive blockchain in these 12 days.

Here it the chart.


Note: These are not totally accurate numbers because there is a conversion on HBD to HIVE implemented for simplification.

If we take a look at the top earners, we can notice that not a lot of authors are in the top. The no.1 is a curation account @appreciator, followed by a DAO worker @peak.proposals and on the third place another DAO worker @sbdpotato. @blocktrades is a combination of witness, curation, author, and @howo a DAO workers. Some more curators and witnesses on the top as well.

All the best

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wow I am very happy, I am at 18 among the authors who have earned the most rewards. thanks 🎉

Congrats for making in the top 20!

The big league!!

Yep :)

The @appreciator account has a 5M SP delegation

More likely 6.3 mill...

:) It has gone up

Very interesting - it really does seem there is self-interested motive to power up and curate others, rather than trying to earn.

I'd say that's a win for the 50-50 system.

Yes ... the curation rewards are much better now, that is why there is no bid bots :)

They earn the same from the curation then selling votes as before.

We have 16k of curators on Hive?

16k accounts voting yes :)
And this is only for these days .... when done on a monthly level the numbers will be probably more than 20k. Will see.

Omg amazing news, long term this will grow more.

Those are some nice numbers (especially curators) even though thanks to Hive.Auto. But glad to see we are making growing. Thanks for the stats!!


I have couple thousand HP... why am i not making 20k HP a month? 😂

Nothing much out of the ordinary here. Not sure who Claudio and Anglekestari are though.

Yea I dont know everyone on the list as well :)
Looks to me like you are doing fine!

Thanks for the stats. Hope to read them on a monthly and would love to see a comparison with steem. Atleast curation has increased and bidbot reduced. Great job!

Yes ... the bid bots are down, and curation is better now.

Still. these whale accounts are raking in big! Rich is getting richer... fast!

Takes money to make more lol


True, but still... They earn a lot!

It is what it is eheh congrats to all the big and popular ones 😉

Very motivating post to be more active on hive. Thanks a lot,


Nice analysis as always @dalz !

thanks you 😃!

Thanks for your comment!