"Monday Missions entry" Hope green.

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Hello, friends!

This fabulous contest of the Monday missions consists of gathering 6 green objects, I start with this very popular phrase in my region "green, I love you green" I love this mission because it is a challenge to look for in houses, objects of this color that I love so much because it reminds me of peter pan, the child who did not want to grow up. At home I got these 6 objects that are a tablecloth, a vase, a little moon as a gift, a lotion, a little bag, each object has a meaning for me.

Beyond life

The memories of the past are reflected in the present through the wisdom and connection with some colors, especially green, which gives us a sense of hope that we can return to the past to regain the joy and love that existed at that time. The photographs are part of the evolution of a human being who through time to become a great person will steal the heart in many, especially in me.

A vase is special to decorate the home, in it are placed the most beautiful flowers of the garden where they keep for a good time. Nature comes dressed in green and with it the hope of a new life that is about to advance, the flowers.

I use this beautiful tablecloth to dress the table in special moments, like a rosary, mass to give good vibration and positive energy to the place where we are and that people feel comfortable in those moments.

The moon represents brightness, existence, love and is the symbol of the passage from death to life and from life to death, that is why it is important for me to have this object at home because it fills me with love and vitality, it also makes me remember that life is one and we must act according to our good actions, it also makes me reflect that death is beyond what we can think, that it is a trance that we live to improve and be in peace. The moon is a symbol of improvement and transformation of life.

In this beautiful green bag and hand-woven I keep something very important to me and my life, a **Rosary ** which is a symbol of purity and love with God, through this beautiful object I can communicate with the communication of that supreme being, I keep it inside a green cover to call prosperity and good vibration, as it reflects in our soul.

The fragrance inspires energy to our soul, this bottle contains a very aromatic green liquid, which fills the house with a super relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for the occasion.

All these objects are part of the green collection of this @qurato entry, which is the right one to call for hope in our lives, each one plays a fundamental role in my life and fills me with pleasant memories that I lived and still keep active in my mind. Thank you all for being here and being part of this contest and especially the Monday missions. Thank you all.

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