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Cattle rearing is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria in the field of Agriculture. It is a major source of earning income and means of employment for people in Nigeria if it's wisely invested in.


I was driving by these evening when I spotted a herdsman in my neighborhood taking his cattle out for grazing. This is a typical way cattle rearers take out their cattles to feed. They feed them with grasses around the path of the road. Cattle feed on green leaves and hays so they get a lot to eat during their 'trip'.


Cattle rearing is mostly done by the Fulani or Hausa tribe in Nigeria. They often do a sort of joint rearing, in the sense that they rear for more than one person. Different people would invested in the business and put in charge of the cattlemen to feed and take care of them generally. For instance, all the cattle in these pictures isn't meant for one person.


Another practice is that there will be an agreement between the herdsmen and the investors that they will give out a particular amount of the offspring to the cattle rearer (NOTE: I interchange cattle rear for herdsmen, they mean the same thing). For instance, when your cattle gives birth to five offsprings, the cattle rearer will be entitled to one - depending on the agreement between you two.
In Nigeria, cow meat is in high demand but very few people are into this business.
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