My Drawing Of Charlie Chaplin

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Hi Friends☺️. I want to show you all this drawing I made of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. He is famous for his acting and comedy and is one of my favorite actors who ever lived. I did this drawing with my blue, black and red Schneider pen.
These are the stages.

Sketching out his face

  1. Shading his hat and hair

  2. Shading the his face, shirt and tie.
    Thank you for checking out my blog. Catch you on the next one.☺️😘

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Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @qurator and @brumest

Nice one, love the simple material you used to sketch!

Thanks alot

Most welcome!

Nicely done, I love the color combination as well.

Thanks alot for the support. Just an experiment that came out looking so cool

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Beautiful work!
I am following you for more :)
I love sketching and have recently started doing it again after many years - not so good yet - but who knows? :)

Thank you. Sketch and draw more often. I trust you'll see improvement in no time.