And we are having a tea here🧁🍰☕

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And we are having a tea here🧁🍰☕

cherries in our cake, cute, really)

You can congratulate Prometheus with a twinkle))) as for me this achievement - even if you did not bring many new subscribers ....

Many people write that it is an absolutely useless thing and, probably, a program error. (

with a positive response now generally tight, I therefore almost stopped uploading work in art groups. Tired of hearing insults at my work and myself ...

Although the matter is not in the works, the work is just an excuse. People simply use these communities to drain negativity and self-affirmation.

I will not give a recipe for sweets. the baskets were bought at a nearby store) Alas, not homemade, but tasty ....)

Oh, I only ate home baskets in my childhood)

Snacks are cool and most importantly delicious)))) I decided to treat myself)

Only here from a lot of sweet tailed priests can stick together) hahaha