Little Assistant

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Little Assistant (authorship of Eugene Hontor). And my old and unpretentious graphic tablet on which I have been working for a very long time and I understand that it will be necessary to somehow save money and buy a new one)

Often asked how I draw my art on the computer - with the help of this thing) The stylus-pen instead of the mouse reacts to the force of pressing and tilting)

Handmade figurine - a gift from a familiar artist - he has a lot of miracles according to the Testament, also a big fan of David)))))

I would not want to change this way of drawing - it is good (pah-pah-pah) works properly. But I was faced with the fact that it is difficult to make lines on it - and the problem is precisely in it, because I have an even older tablet (also mine) at work - here it is a pleasure to draw on it, but painting is not so pleasant as on this) I would like to - so that the tablet allows you to make a swing of the hand))) But this is so - it would not be bad to buy from the category)

Those who say that it is possible to draw only on sophisticated equipment, and indeed to create only from elite materials, is actually an amateur. Real creators and talented people can create an incomparable masterpiece on their knees, and with ordinary sand and even a leaf from a tree. So that was and will be, the chip is not in the materials, but in straight-handedness and skills. ☺

 It amazes me when my parents buy expensive tablets for their children for the kids - why? that's why! Like people who buy cameras expensive and do not know how to take pictures)

 you need to learn from a small one and, as skills and needs develop, acquire more expensive materials and equipment.

little Neo with a bird still touches terribly. Little helper 🥰

oh he is so glorious - it’s great that according to the Testament-Prometheus such beauty appears) I really look forward to the Neomorph in flowers from Vicki - there will also be a sculpture)


Смешно )