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Happy new month everyone, am new here am so happy to be accepted into this great family. To I want to talk about listening skills. You know some people always miss-interpret listening to hearing and therefore causing problems for them in their daily activities.

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What do I mean by listening, Listening is defined a part of communication that requires focus and attention as well. Listening helps you to pay attention even as a student.
There are differences when we talk about Listening and hearing, and these differences include;

a) Like I said earlier listening requires attention and focus.

b) Hearing on the other hand, is the physical part of perceiving sound within a given range.

Now if you want to be a listener there is one principle you must always have in mind and that is DISCIPLINE.

You must also understand that when you are listening, it shows that you are focusing on the person speaking to you.

The importance of listening is high and must be recognized as well. It is important because it is a vital tool in communication. That is why if you don’t listen, you might end up getting the wrong information that will lead to the wrong direction and that might end you up in failure.

In a kind of way to put it, listening also leads to success if we focus and pay attention to rules, guidelines and as well as instructions.

On the other hand, there are barriers to listening;

a. Uncheck emotions: this when you are not emotionally balance, in this case we can say Anger is one of the factors or even fear.

b. Lack of training: this is surprising because someone would say, do I really need training on how to listen. Yes, and this is one of them.

c. Distraction is also a barrier, to be a good listener you must also try as much as possible to avoid every forms of distraction, to be able to stay focus during communication.

Let’s not forget that there are types of listeners. Which are the passive, active, the uneducated, the selective and distracted listener. Now the question is which one are you.

There are stages of listening, the listening stage, remembering stage and understanding stage. These shows the kind of listener that you are.

Please remember that listening helps you to understand what someone is saying and it also requires self-discipline.

Let me conclude by saying be a good listener because listening dives you the right information, that will lead to the right direction and of cause the long awaited success in life, please choose wisely.

Once again a big thank you to you all forgoing through my blog and also for the warm welcome and looking forward to your support as well, have a lovely day.



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