God Bless You, President Biden!

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Finally, after four years of chaos and instability, sanity returns to the White House. With a successful swearing-in, Joe Biden takes the helm of a very damaged American vessel left to him in bad shape by the departing Donald Trump. It's got to be a relief to the many people who were getting tired of his childish temper tantrums and ineffective leadership at the top, in this time of global crisis.

i can only imagine the horrors that Joe has to deal with, beginning with a complete fumigation of the Oval Office. The good thing is, he seems to be entering government with an actual plan to begin tackling the many problems that await him.

Not so "proud" after all

The massive invasions of state capitols, planned by the cowardly Proud Boys, odious Oath Keepers, bumbling Boogaloo Boys and the traitorous Three Percenters, failed to materialize over the weekend. These pussies were planning violence against unarmed lawmakers and fled when facing thousands of armed National Guard troops.

Hopefully, the nutjob rioters who attacked an killed police in DC, now realize they don't have the support they thought they had. Whatever good will they may have had in the pool of Republicans they had, drained away when America saw the violent attack against our seat of government. The swaggering racists in their red MAGA hats, swiftly began deleting their boastful social media posts as the FBI began making arrests. Lets hope they get them all.


With a sane person now leading the fight against COVID, my hope is that 2021 will see the tide turning against the virus. So that states can begin to reopen later this year and heal our battered economy. A real source of solace during this period has been the wise counsel of filmmaker Michael Moore in his Rumble podcast. It's heartening to know that President Biden listens in from time to time and with any luck, will start to enact some of the suggestions offered by this very proud American.

The one thing I hope for, is that my country that I love, finds peace and prosperity over the next four years. We need to stand together and defeat the forces of hate from the alt-right that seek to divide us. The attack on the Capitol united all of us against them. As Mr. Moore says; "there are more of us, than there are of them." The future demographics are in our favor and their numbers will only decrease as the years go by. They know it, which is why they are lashing out now. Today, we celebrate the arrival of President Biden and Vice President Harris. We wish them Godspeed as we begin to heal our country and ourselves.

Thank You So Much!

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right, you mean the media is going to kiss his ass. They were the cause of a lot of the drama