The greater heights others never feel comfortable with when others come

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I just don't know why some people seem to be this way at all, they just put their employees through stress that nothing at all seem to boarder them on how they are going to survive through the time they spend with them. All they ever wanted is to see them suffer through every single thing they do and keep working without gaining the little that is due them, but like we always try to motivate ourselves so far as there is breath. Everything will be OK.


Why do you even have to let an employee suffer all these problems of moving here and there when everything can be handled through you. These are mostly some of the hells people have to go through when they are employed by an organization and the employees affairs are to be handled under a different body.

They sometimes want to stress these people only because they need something from them, why do you even have to try taking money from a new worker who has been home doing nothing and has nothing on him or her. If the person had much like these people think would he or she has even boarder himself or herself to even look for job in the first place.


Such is life, any place you would have to go or pass through to gain something that would keep you going, people will always want to loot of the little you have only because they think what is coming your way is so huge and that they would not get something from you when you start to take these so called huge sums they think you may get.

Just working out things for a brother, sister or a fellow to also enjoy something small from living too is now a burden for some only because they think you are just using them to get what you want and that they should let you suffer a little to get you going. We all wait to see one say when all these would be a thing of the past and the change we are forcing for would be to work as we should without any second thoughts.

What at all is loving and cool than one seeing a fellow live life like he or she want, like buying the little he or she can afford when he can and at least be able to also move with boldness when others are moving. The state of calling others masters all the time have made some so blind that they do not care about others but themselves alone.

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