My STORJ (St💿rage Node): July - PROFIT💸 FINALLY🤑

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I have been running a demo node for experimental reasons that I will share with the public.

My Storage Node Stats ✔️

A huge jump on changes (mostly stability ones) to make the experience worthwhile! From 1.6.3 to 1.9.5! Please search for them on google if you wish to know more. I get lost of links... but I always find what I want when I need it.



This month is a crazy month! You might be eluded by the differences... Does it look like a 180% increase? Yeah... it was WAY more than that this month.

Last month I have mentioned that I was looking for the "break-even" effect. Well, look at THIS!

MORE THAN THAT: $4.68🤑 for a $2.7/month disk... energy!



That was way more than I anticipated! The uploads went very good... but I need to acknowledge that I am also reaching the zone where my held amount is almost nothing. I think that in 2 more months it gets to zero!




🤩 Can you see why this month went great? =) Indeed... Uploads went crazy! more than double... just simply amazing. But the best was really seeing the consistency of them. And I think next month will be sort of the same. So VERY positive progress.

Disk Space



I did increase another 50GB of space... but at the end of the run, the newly improved Algo did most of the job by maintaining my node always full. Trash has still to improve, but I confess that I can't yet comment on it, since I saw very contradictory arguments about it.




Downloads were fine... the usual. I don't have much to add here, except that if you have much bigger storage, you really wanna limit download bandwidth... as it's being clear the amount of capacity of the gateways is getting way over what I thought possible.

Limiting will not reduce service to the network... will just allow other nodes to cope with what the gateway is able to spread. So don't worry. Give what you can!

Latest updates

This month, I had too much of #HIVE things and stuff from my work... and I had very little time for everything (hence this post being so late). The best I can broadcast about is the fact that...

For the first time my node is almost 100% Profitable

It paid for all my expenses in energy... at least! If I get bigger disks, this gets way profitable. Need to try a 2TB disk to check if this will scale.

How much DID I GOT 🤑 paid?

I need to wait a few days for the payment to get in as usual, but I will let you know (by updating this post) as soon as it kicks in and I am able to share it. Last month payment was:


July Payment

I will edit this section once I have received payment. Let's see if it matches the newly prediction section of the payout:



And this month we get a new description per gateway!


Previous Posts

For convenience... here is some retrospective:

Let's see next month... ⏳

This was the BEST month so far, and to prove the effort, the first profitable month! If you have questions, check out the Forum or the Blog section. Both have been quite useful to me. If you are looking for documentation on how to set up a node, then check the documentation page.

Do you find this information helpful?

I do spend some time preparing these posts, always trying to be as transparent as I can. If you feel like supporting me, please "buy me a coffee" via Ko-fi Platform. I will make sure to mention my appreciation on one of my next posts (whatever social network you are at) and use the entire donations to purchase HIVE.

Buy Me a Coffee at

Disclaimer: If you don't like to see this kind of posts, please let me know so I can understand if the effort is worth it. I don't intend to massacre the network with them and my sole intention is to provide additional and personal feedback of my own evaluations/reviews.

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by @forykw


Do you just set up an app on your PC, set a partition, then forget? I've got a machine that runs idle with a few bots that could act as a node potentially. What sort of Internet connection do you need? Do you need to stake some tokens to run the node?

Please tell me more or link me a noob's guide :D

Lot's of great questions as always!

  1. You need a 24/7 PC yes!
  2. You can completely forget about it... I sometimes don't know where is the disk I have used for this... 😁
  3. The more UPLOAD you have the merrier... long term.. and the more space you share, the more you need. I have at least 10Mbps for this... and I am not even close to get it saturated... for a 1TB disk.
  4. No need to stake ANYTHING... just share stuff... but there is a probation period... 9 months, where you get some fund HOLDed by the network, in case you bail off, to pay for the damages! =)
  5. I forgot the previous links... to my older posts :( will update...

Ask away! =) This questions require !BEER Lots of it!

Cool, 9 months is probably a long period of time to wait... not even sure if that box will still be operational by then (As I plan to virtualise most of its functions on another machine in the house before then!)

Doesn't seem to be something I can capitalise upon!

Thanks for the response!

Yeah.. this is a kind of game... for operations that can run.. for years... I have had met computers in the past with 7 years of uptime... (connected to the internet) I know it's possible. =) Not with windows... most likely... but it's possible.

By the way... my demo node is windows based ... but because its used for many other things... I need to have it online 24/7... so reboots are very quick... and not that much often.

Maybe there is room for business here. You got me thinking...

I did wonder if some cloud based VPS with lots of hard disk space / linking into free google drive / backblaze type stuff would work as "partition" ;)

It would... it will... it does... but depends on how well the "service" works. Cloud stuff is very tricky in my view...

I hate cloud... to be honest. I love distributed storage!

Not sure if I was clear here... you still get funds during the first 9 months... but some of them get held... until you are "stable" enough on the network.

Hey @holoz0r, here is a little bit of BEER from @forykw for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Post updated with previous posts. For history feedback. 😎

Very interesting article I have to dig more and I am happy to see STORJ still is out there and doing its little business 😃.

Do you have to leave your computer connected to internet and ON 24/7 ?

YES! =) it's like IPFS... but profitable... so yes. And can only be advisable if you can run it for more than 9 months non stop... otherwise your downtime will reduce your profits.

Well, then I am out xD. DO you have a dedicated laptop for this?

Cheers, and good profits 😂

I have SEVERAL computers... running 24/7... but some of them are like a Pi computer... with less than 100Mflops...

And I have access to PetaFlops too, but I can't use them for this =)

A dilemma...

Your current Rank (53) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 17%

:( been stuck a bit... but I will make it better soon... been looking for the holy grail...

Also, the top players are really good ones! Props to them...

This is a cool way to gain something on top and once you setup the node everything is passive income moving forward. Using many solutions like this might get to a decent earn overall.

That was going to be my next step. I already have the hardware, but wanted to first understand if I could scale it up horizontally. And so far, so good... it's actually coming up to be another good month this one. As of today (for the current month), it paid already for 30% of the monthly max costs. So, if all goes on average like this, it has a very good cadence, which is what I am looking up to test.

I saw thinking if i can put this work in my current laptop that is always turn on 24/7.

There is a tutorial to understand what i need to do?

Should add this to my next post. Thanks for the questioning... helps me improve.

Thanks Tugal! =) Tenho tantas saudades das sardinhas, marisco, etc... nem sei por onde começar!

Por aqui posso arranjar uma francesinha ;)

👍🤪 - tantas memorias...

Congrats @good-karma team! Being able to do this post was a very long running desire of me and many others I am sure.

Great stuff! Fully supporting the "vision"!

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