Let's travel together #146 - Lacul Vida (The Lake with the Vortex)

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Through the many mysterious things nature has to offer, there are the lakes which are often sharing an uncommon story about how they appeared or where their name comes from, but the whole experience becomes even more interesting when we get to discover one with a huge vortex in the middle of the water.


No matter if we are talking about natural lakes or artificial ones, we are already used with the stories that are making them so popular, from entire villages together with their locals who disappeared under the big water gatherings, to those who lost their lives or just disappeared without being ever found, and so on.
Since I travel I got to explore lots of lakes, and there is none (from what I discovered so far) with a happy story behind its name.
Most likely, the lakes are those places where the stories and legends are dark enough to make you feel scared or at least bring you a strange mood which is hard to draw you a smile on the face.
That's why, no matter how impressed I am by the appearance of a lake, or where it's located, as well as its surroundings which are creating the landscape I get to see, I always think twice before saying that it's a beautiful lake because their history might prove the opposite and you can never be sure that a place is wonderful if there is lots of sacrifice and cruelty which made it come out.

That's how today we get to discover a lake which speaks for itself before we get to find out its story, called Vida Lake where vid means void, but also The Lake with the Vortex, which is pretty suggestive for what it has to offer.
Vida Lake represents an artificial lake and dam located on the Vida River from Bihor County, which measures only 10 meters height and 70 meters length.


The place where the dam and lake are located, before 1967 we could see a huge mill where all the locals of the Luncasprie village used to come and grind the cereals, but also the house of the man who built the mill, and the house of his son and his family.

Unfortunately, the miller and his son were forced to give up on their houses and mill because soon those were going to disappear under huge water gatherings and concrete blocks which will create an artificial dam and lake.
The thing that makes the dam and its lake more unique than any other visited before, it's represented by the shape of the overflow which represents a big concrete funnel in the middle of the lake, that is maintaining the water level fixed, without being able to raise too much after rainy periods, because the water will be instantly absorbed by the vortex which makes many curious eyes be scared of it.
The lake that represents a tourist curiosity covers a surface of 6 ha with its volume of half of a million cubic meters where its color makes it become part of a fairy tale full of mystery when the water tone is always different depending on the season similar to the exotic lakes, and where it's literary impossible to see through the luster of the water.
Nevertheless, the color doesn't represent the main attraction for the very few people who get to discover it because the place is not promoted enough, but actually the masterpiece created by the dam builders who wished to go out of print when it comes to this kind of barrages, that was mainly created for the bauxite mines of the region, two of them being present on my previous articles - Farcu Mine and Meziad Cave.


Vida Lake is also the place where nature is once again with one step ahead of us because the oxygen from this place is considered one of the purest ones with lack of pollution, having over 300 springs and caves nearby, that are being connected to the lake with more or less visible paths that will fill your lungs with health and relax your mind.

Despite the thing that you will get to see lots of trouts, perch and chub on the lake, the fishing is not recommended if you are one of those who prefer doing it from a boat because of the current of the vortex.
There was actually an abandoned pedal boat on the shore of the lake whom story I'm not curious to find out especially that 2 days ago I have read some news about a different country that has a lake with a vortex and where a little girl disappeared after she wanted to take a bath and the currents swallowed her in a few seconds.

Anyway, to get to the Vida Lake you need to reach the village where it's situated called Dobroesti, from Bihor County, and then just follow the European road E79, which is being located on just 40 km away from Oradea, following the next route:
Oradea –> Sambata –> Dobroesti –> Luncasprie –> Valea Vida –> Lacul Vida

To reach the lake you can also do so by exploring Vida Gorges which are the longest gorges from this area measuring 10 km long, but which will lead you to a unique place of the country that's definitely worth the effort.

And if you are thinking where you could sleep during this whole time, please note that there is just one guest house but the whole village is full of houses with kind people that are looking forward to offering accommodation for the tourists and find their stories.




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Which one are you? 😂
You really look identical! Amazing.

Okay. About the lake, it's rare to find a spillway with that kind of design here in the Philippines. It's strange and it feels like eating you whole and alive. Haha

On the left haha.

Yeah. It's a unique thing in my country, I know about another such lake but located in Portugal. It definitely gives you a strange feeling

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I love how you formatted your article, it looks professional, I love your photos too.


Lake is beautiful. The peddle boat is even more cute. It’s always cool and very peaceful to stay with nature. Love to be near water. Nature attracts everyone and it gives inner peace. Well it’s really nice place.

It is for sure, especially that not too many people know about it and the peace and wilderness will take care of your mood :)