GEMS Photography Initiative - Gigapixel's Daily Photo Challenge

in GEMS2 months ago

Hello GEMS community, my name is Gigapixel. Thank you so much for having me along into this awesome Hive community! Special shoutout to @bluemist, @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale for creating the awesome community! Here is my daily unique photograph for you guys to see!

IMG_20200708_125122 1.jpg

GP Banner Stripe 2.png

Please upvote, comment and follow!


Might recommend a description of the pic on your posts my friend. Helps earn you more rewards from other curators. Hive on!

Thanks for the feedback. I would love some more curation!

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thanks a lot! Feel free to add us to your Hive Vote auto-voter / fanbase too!