Going with one of the traditional method of savings (Kolo) .

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Good morning everyone,

Have you ever heard of Kolo? I know my Nigerian friends here will definitely know what it is. Its a popular means of savings here in Nigeria and as a child growing up, its what parents normally use to teach their children how to save.

There are different types but mine is the clay type. It is made from clay in a round form and you can save money inside. Its more efficient for me than saving in my account because if its in my account, I can easily is spend it there.


Different types.

Clay type.

It is made from clay and when you wanna cash out, you break it open.


Wooden type either with lock or without.

There are two types of wooden Kolo. One with lock and the one without. The one without lock is more efficient because even if you're tempted to open you can't. My little brothers uses the one without lock.

  • Lock type.


  • Without lock type.


Iron type

My mum uses this one. Its made of iron and sealed with a small opening where money can pass through. This is more efficient because to open, you'll have to take it where its been made. There they'll open it.


So that's our primary method of savings in my house. Every single one has a saving box and by the end of the year, we'll all break it and cash out our savings.

Thanks for viewing my blog and have a wonderful day.


I remember this funny thing my sister and I used to do. Anytime I want to steal the money. I make use of fork.

Lol. But that will be possible if the hole is a bit wide.

I like this clay one.. Very artsy. I can't use a kolo though, I've heard too many stories of breaking it and finding it empty

Ohhhh, that's scary. But I think its just myth. The stories aren't true. You should try it sis.

Because if you had a brother like me then, I must have taken d money using fork.

It brings back memories of my childhood years. Awesome! I used to have the dog shape clay and I was able to save a lot but my naughty big brother, used to steal coin from it every single day until he knew that it was full already and he break the ear of the dog clay and took all my money. So sad, but he has been forgiven long time already. But this is really a good way to save money. I'm thinking of doing the same thing again. Thanks to you!

Oh my, you must be really sad to find an empty box. I've had same experience too when I was growing up with one of my uncles. I was using the one with locks then, how he found the key is still a mystery to me. He opened it and took the money. I felt really bad then and I stopped using saving box since. My little brothers motivates me to start again and I've been loving it.

It happens, but with the people you love around you and if everybody do the same thing, it is a happy savings to do. One thing I learned is you also need to hide it, temptation baby, temptation hehehehehehe. Great to know everybody in your household is doing the same thing and it will give you enough courage to save. Love love!

Very good @gloriaolar, great.

Thank you.

These look great. I've never used one before but I bet if I had the clay one I'd smash it the next week, lol.

Lol. That's what my mum said about the clay one, she had to go for the iron type.

Lol. Wise choice.

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