Portrait drawing - Beautiful girl

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Hello GEMS,
Today I want to share with you a drawing I made this morning. I made a portrait of a beautiful girl, with lovely hair. Personally, I've been doing a study on features of the face that makes a person beautiful or handsome. Over some couple months now, I've been observing beautiful girls very well. This drawing is a product of such observations. It's imaginative, hence I created her from my head or/and mind. I hope you like it

I took some time in drawing her eyes because the eyes is one of the major features that makes a girl beautiful. That's why you hear things like "I love her so much, she has such gorgeous eyes" and many examples like that. You can actually fall in love with a girl just because of her eyes. Her lips comes next in my opinion, lovely lips are really nice, I'm sure you'll agree with me. So I took time also to make them look good.

I shaded carefully her entire face, putting depth where needed. Then I moved on to her hair. The major thing to take note of when drawing hair is variation. Make sure that you have three different shadings. Some parts should be dark, light, and very dark. Plus you must first do an overall outline of the hair flow or direction.

I made this drawing using 2B and 5B pencils. Here are my steps





Thanks for viewing!