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Hello GEMS community,
Today is another beautiful day and I hope that you're enjoying it too. I came back from the market a few minutes ago, I went to get some food stuffs, and I'll be cooking my favorite soup very soon, that's making me happy. Yeah, I love good food. Before turning myself into the best cook of the year 2020, I decided to draw this beautiful girrrlll. I like her stare. Her head is slightly bent to one side, the hair flow to the side too. I do like this drawing.

Although, I'm not quite satisfied with my shading. I think I over shaded it. I'll be working better on my shading skill using pen. There's one thing about pen drawing - you can't erase your mistakes, so they stick with you, except you destroy the whole piece and start over again. Hence, a lot of perfection is required to do a great work with this drawing instrument. There will always be another drawing. Practice makes perfect. Nonetheless, I like the drawing and I hope you like it too.

I made use of a blue ballpoint pen to make this drawing. And I used cross hatching technique

Visit my blog, to see more of my art. Plus if you love poetry, you'll definitely find one or two poems of mine that you'll like.

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Thank you











She is cool, even if you can't erase this pen drawing has its own beauty.

Sure, pen drawing has its own beauty. It's good to know that you find her cool. Thanks!

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