Portrait drawing - Ballpoint pen (Materials, techniques, steps)

in GEMS3 months ago

Hello everyone!,
I want to share with you yet another of my pen drawings. This time around, I did not make a figure drawing, I made a portrait of a girl. It's been a while I've made a portrait using Ballpoint pen, so it was really fun for me.


I'm pretty sure that some of you appreciate ballpoint pen drawings, just like myself. It has its own beauty, just like pencil drawings and like painting or digital artworks. It's unique in its own right.

Sometimes I make portraits using pencil, which is a lot easier to blend, since one could apply several blending instruments or tools. But with pen drawings, you need a lot of perfection, to get the right tones distributed across the drawing. It takes gentle strokes and building them up, by soft touching it severally. It's fun.


  • Hatching
  • Crosshatching


  • Ballpoint pen
  • Concord paper


Here are screenshots of the steps I took in making this drawing.






I would like to know what you think about this drawing. Feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks for viewing!