Buckle (Freewrite Challenge)

in GEMS2 months ago

Source: Pixabay

"Darling, can you please buckle up? It's for your safety dear as I drive." her dad pleaded.

"It's just close dad, I don't have to buckle up. It feels so uncomfortable that I can't hardly breath with it." she responded.

He stopped with his plea thinking there's not so much danger on the road to where they're going to. As they are traveling, an old man, unaware about the vehicle coming, crossed the street. The father haven't seen the old man immediately crossing, and suddenly hit on the brakes.

Everyone seemed so silent after a sudden stop of the vehicle, everyone are shocked. The old man stood up from the ground walking, while the daughter was shocked, and fixed herself on her seat. He sighed in relief. He pleaded again to buckle up, and she obeyed.


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