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RE: CURATION ON HIVE - What is it and how to do it? (+ How I curate)

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Congrats on the new curation record!

So why is there a 5 minute penalty. And wasn't it a 30 minute gradual thing, with 15 minutes being the sweet spot. Or something like that.

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Thanks man. Gonna try to set a new one! :))

30 and 15 min were before, some 2 or 3 forks before, or maybe more. Now, you will not get penalized when upvoting after 5 minute.

Everything less than 5mins is penalized. As far as I know.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Some things I'm just a couple of forks behind I guess 😂

Good luck with the new record 💪

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Np, glad to help!

Haha, now you can set your own records knowing how it works :))

Have fun and thank you!

Sure. So for the APR and Efficiency, how do I measure that. Through a dapp or manually? If so, is there a post written about how to measure it?

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Glad you asked, I totally forgot to link it.



Thank you!!

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btw, never go below 80% :)


Yeah.. I know... went on a voting spree during Hive Power Up Day. So I was down at around 45%. 😅
Paying the price now.

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