Betta Fish Update: So Far I Have Had 3 Beautiful Betta Fish

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photo by me

Yoo yoo hello my fellow hivers, fish lovers and the whole community, Jodi Pamungkas here, happy Friday to all of you, time is so fast and it doesn't feel like it's approaching weekend, do you have any plans for this weekend? Cycling or vacation? Leave your comments below this post. In today's post I want to give you information about my betta fish, I haven't posted about betta fish for a few weeks. Previous post I bought a halfmoon full red betta fish, do you remember that? Well, because the fish was sick and I felt at a disadvantage, I ended up exchanging the betta fish for a halfmoon black cooper betta fish.



photo by me

The picture above is a betta fish that I just exchanged, I really like the color, because it is golden black or called cooper, it is male and only 2.5 months old, I just replaced all the water with a new one, in Under the aquarium I gave a green tissue so that the light reflection from above was more beautiful, what do you think? Pretty right?



photo by me

The first betta fish I have is the halfmoon type, I have posted about a month ago, now this betta fish has grown big and has very nice and perfect fins, the tail also looks wider, I really like fish this hickey and is still irreplaceable.


photo by me

Well, my hero is indeed different from my two betta fish, giants and has a very large body posture, blue and gold at the edges. I play with my three fish a lot, sometimes I just stick my finger out, they immediately fluff up all the tails and fins, looks like a dangerous threat, but it's not hahahhaha.


photo by me

Well, if you are a betta fish lover, surely you have a small mirror, I got this mirror from my father, what is the function of this mirror? The mirror serves to stimulate the betta fish to develop their fins and tail, if you want to find out which fins and tail are damaged, you must put a mirror beside your aquarium, so that the betta fish develops its tail and fins.


photo by me

Well, the picture above is an example, you can see a betta fish developing all of its fins and tail, its beauty is very clear as a betta fish / ornamental fish, every morning I put a mirror next to the aquarium, interesting isn't it?


photo by me

For now, there are only 3 Betta fish collections, will I increase my collection of Betta fish in the future? We'll see, hahahaha. The picture above shows that I'm very tired, I just changed the water, I do it every 3 days, to eat I give it every morning and evening. Thank you to those of you who have read and stopped by my post about betta fish, give your advice and support, if you have a betta fish, you can put a photo of your betta fish in the comments, see you in the next post.