"Cek Ham" My Favorite Place to Eat at Midnight

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photo by me

yoo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, come back with me Jodi Pamungkas, happy Wednesday to all of you, time doesn't seem like it's approaching the weekend, which of you often starves in the middle of the night? I am one person who often goes hungry in the middle of the night, last night I and my friends planned to eat somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere, I tried to recommend a place to eat Nasi Goreng Kampung which is quite famous in my city, the name of the shop is Cek Ham. This restaurant is quite senior and the name of this shop is the owner's name, I had a chance to chat with Cek Ham and I asked, where have you been selling before? He replied, I never sell anywhere else, still I have worked in a restaurant in Thailand, I think Cek Ham's skills in cooking are very good.


photo by me

without lingering, I immediately saw the action of Cek Ham making Kampung Fried Rice for customers, you can see the photo above, namely Check Ham, the owner of this restaurant. Cek Ham was stirring the pan filled with rice and the secret ingredients for Nasi Goreng Kampung, seen around the kitchen quite messy.


photo by me

Cek Ham restaurant is open from Afternoon to Morning, I asked the owner's permission to take some pictures at this shop, the photo above is where Cek Ham puts cooking ingredients, such as sugar, salt, vegetables, eggs, sauces and various kinds of spices and items to make Nasi Goreng, we don't need to spend a lot of money to eat at this place, for a portion of fried rice and mineral water it's only 0.5 $.


photo by me

Not only fried rice, at this shop Cek Hak also invited several cooks who were reliable enough to make other menus, one of which is like the photo above, you can see Doko is cooking Aceh noodles for loyal customers of Cek Ham. There are several other spices on top of the kitchen that I might not know about, doko has been with Cek Ham for quite a while.


photo by me

I also took pictures for the ingredients of doko to make Acehnese noodles or indomie noodles, there are so many ingredients for making noodles, unlike the Cek Ham ingredients holder, Doko has a lot of ingredients for making Acehnese and indomie noodles, one of which is bean sprouts, cucumber, fried onions, chips and other essential ingredients.


photo by me

Now I head into this shop, it's not too special and luxurious, only a few tables and chairs are available, my friend Ibal is enjoying his vape while waiting for our order to arrive, another of my friends is in the toilet. There may not be any decorations, but people don't care, because most visitors just eat and go straight home.


photo by me

The interesting decoration in this shop is the photo above, a combination of a telephone holder, a big ben clock and the guards of the king of Great Britain, you can see that my friend Chimeng and Ibal are posing hahaha.


photo by me

Apart from the decoration of Great Britain, this shop also has other paintings, namely Australia, you can see the picture above has paintings of opera houses and several other places, quite unique isn't it? Not expecting that this shop has a painting of the two countries, what does all this mean? Only Check Ham knows.



photo by me

After a few minutes we talked about vape and business, finally when we wanted to arrive, I ordered village fried rice with omelette and chimeng ordered penyet chicken. In my opinion, the fried rice in this shop is really very good and very suitable for me who is often hungry in the middle of the night, we often eat here after work or other activities, thanks to those of you who have read and stopped by my post today, give your support and suggestions, see you in my next daily post.


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