Cheap Meatball Shop With Special Taste

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photo by me

Yooo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, come back with me Jodi Pamungkas, do you like meatballs? Have you ever eaten meatballs? In Indonesia, meatballs are familiar, there are so many meatball sellers in Indonesia, meatballs with various flavors and creations from each owner of the meatball shop. In my post today, my cousin wants to try the taste of meatballs in my city, I recommend the meatball shop which is quite famous, cheap and of course delicious, this meatball shop is called Bakso Kompi 1. This meatball shop has another shop, namely Bakso Kompi 2, but different regions, quite famous to open 2 meatball stalls at once. This meatball shop is quite simple and doesn't seem luxurious, but the taste of this meatball shop is undeniable, we can see the picture above, some people are eating and buying packs for their families at home.


photo by me

This bakso shop does not only sell meatballs, there are several other menus such as chicken noodles and soup, not so many ingredients are put in this steling, only a few vegetables, ant soup, white and yellow noodles. There are also some snacks such as peanuts hanging on top of the stelings.


photo by me

Well, the picture above is the kitchen of this meatball shop, it looks quite scattered, all the meatballs are placed in the left pan with a maintained hot temperature, for other ingredients maybe boiled first.


photo by me

While waiting for our order to arrive, I took some pictures around this bakso shop, it looked quite quiet because we arrived early, every table was provided, tomato sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and green chilies, as well as other snacks that are provided. On each table, you can see the picture above, there is a blue jar containing snacks to accompany eating meatballs.


photo by me

Why is this place called Bakso Kompi? Because the location of this meatball shop is in front of the Indonesian national army housing or TNI in short, the name Kompi is used so that everyone knows that this meatball shop is located in the Indonesian army housing. A woman was making our meatballs and several people were waiting for orders


photo by me

Finally our menu arrived, I had the chance to take a picture first before eating the meatballs, my cousin was taking snacks to eat meatballs, indeed some Indonesians really like to eat snacks while eating meatballs, to be honest I don't really like to mix them in meatballs, because it will change the taste of the meatball hahahaha, are you the same as me? .


photo by me

This is what I've been waiting for, I ordered meatballs with indomie noodles plus large meatballs and my cousin ordered meatballs with white mixed yellow noodles, plus vegetables made my tongue want to eat these meatballs right away, for drinks I ordered cold tea. Thank you to those of you who have stopped and read my post, give your support and suggestions for my post, see you in my next daily post.