"Say Story" One of The Best Coffee Shop For Story Time

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photo by me

Yoo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, Jodi Pamungkas here, how was your Monday? Have you had coffee? Give your comments below, in this post my girlfriend and I are looking for another coffee shop in Langsa city, she happens to have a coffee shop recommendation that is quiet enough for two, the name of the coffee shop is Say Story. Well, why am I wearing batik? We happened to go to one of our friends who was getting married, so we went to the wedding first before going to the coffee shop, introduce you, btw my girlfriend name is Ema.


photo by me

Around 3pm, we arrived at the Say Story coffee shop, the photo above is that it looks far from this coffee shop, only a rectangular building, white in color and of course the name of this coffee shop is Say Story Signature Drink. Quite simple and does not seem luxurious when viewed from a distance.


photo by me

Its Story Time, the slogan of this coffee shop, Ema and I immediately ordered a signature drink at this coffee shop, Ema immediately ordered it for me, the price of drinks at this shop is quite a variant, starting from 0.5 $ to 2 $, me and ema ordered the same drink, namely Ice Coffee Mocca, I immediately paid and waited at the table, the waiter would immediately deliver it to the table where I sat.


photo by me

Well, in the back view of this coffee shop, it can be seen that only us are sitting in this coffee shop, because it is still daytime and people still haven't hang out with friends, usually this coffee shop is busy around 5 pm until evening. Only a few tables are available in this coffee shop, this place is filled with small stones as floors and uses black zinc as a barrier for this coffee shop.


photo by me

The Say Story coffee shop has an outdoor concept, you can see the photo above, the building is where baristas make coffee, there are also several tables inside for those of you who don't want to be outdoor, inside also has AC facilities of course.


photo by me

Our order arrived, 2 cups of Ice Coffe Mocca, the two of us started chatting about everything, such as the concept of this coffee shop, the service and also the taste of the drinks in this coffee shop, like this coffee shop's slogan "Its Story Time".


photo by me

Ema quite liked this menu, we both really enjoyed the menu at this Say Story coffee shop. Thank you to those of you who have read and stopped in today's post, give your suggestions and support, what coffee menu is your favorite now? Give your comments below, see you in my daily activity post and Keep Hive on.


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