"Sedotan Kopi" Another Coffee Shop That Tries to Compete in my City

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photo by me

Yooo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, come back with me Jodi Pamungkas, happy weekend to all of you, again and again new coffee shops have sprung up in my city, indeed Aceh is already known as the province with the most coffee shops, Aceh is nicknamed the region 1001 coffee shops in Indonesia. Well, one of the newest in my city is "Sedotan Kopi" and in my opinion this coffee shop is one of the franchises in a big city, this coffee shop is quite attractive to a lot of teenagers who want to hang out with their girlfriends or friends. You can see the photo above this coffee straw concept, it has an outdoor concept with a simple and classic table, it doesn't cost a lot of money to make a concept like this.


photo by me

I immediately took a picture around this coffee shop, there were several wooden tables at the top of the sidewalk, indeed the atmosphere at this coffee shop looks cool, the drawbacks in this coffee shop are motorbikes and cars passing on the street, so this place is noisy and not quiet, but to hang out with friends is quite nice and suitable. There are some living plants near the poles and the walls there are made of stacked bamboo.


photo by me

After I took some pictures around this coffee shop, finally Ema and I ordered the menu at the coffee shop, it looks like the menu order in this coffee shop is very special, there are some items such as tissue and pipettes and, the system in this coffee shop is paying directly and when the drink is finished, the waiter will call your name, the price of drinks at this coffee shop varies, from 0.5 $ to 1 $, quite cheap right?


photo by me

I walked to the right of the coffee shop and took a picture, visitors can also sit in this section, wooden tables and chairs are provided, but this place is a bit closed and dark, I don't really like the right side of this coffee shop as a hangout.


photo by me

Ema and I chose to sit on the left side of this coffee shop, it looks more comfortable and bright with a neat concept, you can see some people are enjoying a drink that is provided by the coffee shop, you can see more clearly the wall on the right. We can sample this decoration at home or in your coffee shop, on the left you can see Ema sitting casually while waiting for me to take some pictures at this coffee shop.


photo by me

We sat chatting casually, there were some interesting discussions that were quite funny, after 15 minutes we chatted, finally my order was called and I immediately took my order to the place that was given, I ordered cold frappuccino coffee and Ema ordered caramel coffee, it seems like a few days I quite like the taste of frappuccino, like in the previous post, I also ordered frappuccino.


photo by me

Ema got some snacks from her friend, namely risol filled with meat and cheese, perfect for accompanying coffee at night. Thank you to those of you who have stopped and read my post today, do you like coffee? Give your comments below, give your suggestions and support for my posts, see you in my next daily post.


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