"Truffle Box" The Most Expensive Restaurant in My City

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photo by me

Yoo yoo hello my fellow hivers and the whole community, Jodi Pamungkas here and welcome back to my post, it looks like hive is heading to the moon, put on your seat belt and lets to the moon guys hahahaha. In today's post, I along with other friends are looking for some restaurants to celebrate the hive's higher prices, Andi gave one of the restaurants that is quite luxurious and expensive, the restaurant is the Truffle Box. The photo above is the 1st floor of this restaurant, seen pretty fancy, i rarely eat here, cause i dont have much money hahahhaha.


photo by me

Still around the 1st floor of the Truffle Box, you can see the family is choosing the menu in this restaurant, the room on the 1st floor is equipped with air conditioning that is quite cold, about 3 air conditioners are installed on the 1st floor, the decoration of this restaurant does not seem tacky and nice, complete with comfortable sofas, chairs and tables to relax with the family.


photo by me

We didn't choose the 1st floor as our place to eat, we just headed to the 2nd floor of this restaurant, I immediately took some photos, you could see Andi was holding his favorite vape and Chimeng was looking at a gadget.


photo by me

Well, this is the front view of the menu on the Truffle Box, it looks luxurious with gold, let's just look at some of the menus on it.


photo by me

The photo above is part of the menu at the Truffle Box restaurant, there are so many menus available at this restaurant, the prices are quite varied, ranging from 1 $ to 5 $ and they all look so delicious, I want to order all of them hahaha. My friends and I immediately chose the menu according to our wishes, there were so many types of food that were provided, so we were confused about choosing it.


photo by me

After we chatted for 20 minutes, finally our order arrived, we ordered the same menu, namely the BBQ Steak and the drinks are different, I ordered Kasturi Somboy and a glass of mineral water, it looks like 4 BBQ steaks are served neatly with vegetables fresh, let's take a close look.


photo by me

The photo above is a close-up of the BBQ Steak at the Truffle Box restaurant, it looks very delicious, before the steak was splashed with thick BBQ sauce, it looked like vegetables like carrots, lettuce, onions and potatoes, very delicious, right?


photo by me

After we ate, we chatted before going home, the truffle box restaurant also provides parcels, snacks and various cakes, we went straight to the cashier on the 1st floor, the total was around 20 $ and in my opinion quite expensive for the four of us hahaha. Thank you to those of you who have read and stopped by in today's post, give your suggestions and opinions, see you in my next daily activity post.


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