Is Shutting Off One's Emotional And Sentimental Side An Infringement To The Default Framework Of Their Entity?

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I've experienced something similar with a lot of people I've met over the years. You see everyone has a sentimental side and although most people block off this sentimental side to them though not voluntarily but from really dogged experiences, new found resolutions, obsession with some life's quests; howbeit humans have this soft side that can be appealed to by default but it takes really some stellar experiences and path to actually block or damage this soft side. People have what makes them tick and that's why sometimes people are so resolved but the next moments they're doing something different.

Sometimes people shut out sentiments from their lives because they feel it makes them vulnerable to be exploited, manipulated and taken advantage of, but naturally people aren't born this way. There's what we call perceptive filters and this makes people accept, argue or reject things that's been suggested to them, be it something appealing or something that's particularly note. In essence it's important to note that shutting off one's sentiments is detrimental that the framework of how a normal human should be wired.

I've known a whole lot of people in my life and sometimes it's the ones that people presumes to be difficult are the that responds positively when their emotional side's been appealed to. Sometimes people's decisions are often influenced when they've been impressed by the way other people are willing to go. Thing is, people are round characters and the changes to countenance, feelings and inkling of oftentimes determinant on the actions of others. For example when a person acts based on the harshness or kindness of others, it shows that we as people are bendable.

In so many circumstances people change and sometimes these changes makes them voluntarily shut off their emotional side because they feel it's the best form of defence that should scare away people that will potentially take advantage of them. But the thing is, no matter how long people shut off this side to them one thing is, walls are meant to be built or erected and walls are meant to be broken down irrespective of how long it stays up. At one stage people that shut off this sentiment to them will eventually crave to have this sentiments howbeit for those they've vetted and considered to be good people.

Sentiments, emotions and being subsceptible to suggestions doesn't make people weak or prone to manipulation it only proves that they're human and trying to block off these emotions can only go so far. In life it's essential we allow the natural process of things to happen because it educates and teaches us. Now I'm not saying one shouldn't protect themselves from manipulative people, all I'm saying is that going on an emotionless run doesn't make anyone immune to the torture of betrayal. Truth is, we're lesser than we think of ourselves and it's important to to not edit our default framework too much else everything we fear might eventually happen to us.

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Good read, Jose.
I had a friend who was like this too often. He'd shut people out and sometimes, pretend to not love something he really cared about, just so he doesn't appear vulnerable or weak. He's had a hard time keeping relationships.

This thing is mostly a buzzword among boys. They don't want to be 'weak'.