What Constitutes Difference In People Irrespective Of Being Exposed To The Same Things In Life?

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Let's think of our mind, our entities and ourselves as one one giant processer that lags when we don't take time off to cool out. Truth is, no one understands the human design completely irrespective of how much they tend to study it. many people show more emotions when it comes to expressing happiness more than they do when it comes to expressing grief and there are individual underlying reasons as to why this is so. Sometimes people go through a state of deniability, switching off their senses of feelings, bottling up more emotion that leads to trauma, a jolt off their reality and see many hallucinations.

We can never fully understand all these simply because we're same in specie and design but very different in entities. People reactions to their immediate society in quite unique and peculiar ways although we can say that in a type of human society there's sameness in skin colour, samness in accent, food choices, political and religious beliefs and so many other things but the truth is, background, education level, health and mental status, exposure and a few other things differentiates people totally and makes them unique despite them sharing a whole in common.

In life people change and this change is as a result of exposure to things which aren't really there in the first place. People are born with nothing, no knowledge no opinion, no way of life and not habits and exposure to these things is a man made process that affirms or determines who a certain person become. Howbeit the different ways through which people react to exposure is as a result of an inbuilt or factory setting peculiarities that we've not fully understood. In general, life experiences and exposure makes people the things they are in terms of defining their identity as a figure that's existing but exposure doesn't make people exactly react the same way to someone.

Needless to say people aren't flash drives or a storage system and hence they don't showcase everything they have been exposed to in the same manner. For example piety is something people will never showcase on the same level this is majorly because we decide the rate at which we'd show piety because of factors like individualistic belief held towards piety. Not all Muslims pray five times in a day, this doesn't mean they haven't been exposed to the same message and imam, it means that people have dominion, freedom to feel things in an unexplainable or queer way which may not be rational at all.

So this freedom and dominion defines everything, and mind you most of the things we do aren't rational this is because there are different things that determines how we love, react to love, react to hate and nonchalantly and a whole lot of others. At the end of the day, we'd do well to realise that we're all born free and this unlimitations allows people show extravagant uniqueness in almost everything they're exposed to in life. Needless to say, people are meant to go through things, obey rules, follow procedures and orderliness but at the end the do things differently based on what they deem appropriate.

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Most people who can't show love cant do so because of how they were brought up up. You most time see this kind of thingss in children who were abandoned. Sometimes you go into a relationship and you discover that your partner is not capable of accepting to be loved. This might have been due to past relationships and failure to move ons and failure to move on. The next question is what can be done to shape the way we react to things after we have long being exposed to them?
By the way i am not a preacher of love, i am the war and i am the battle...
A factual post @josediccus

Great question, I would also add...

  1. Metaphysical reasons like Spirit. That which animates and gives life to me will always resonate and interact with the frequencies of life (things) a little differently than someone else's. Identical twins that go through life together will end up different for this reason.

  2. Also, two people who experience the same thing will react differently based on their BELIEFS about that thing.

When we react to something based on our belief toward something, it creates emotions which are energetic epigenetic switches that turn genes on and off creating actual physical and psychological changes within us.

Just my two cents brother.

Peace 🙂,