The Diverse Human Complexities; How Do We Bridge The Divide?

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Human beings are social animals and hence communication is essential yet at the same time, crave privacy. We seem like a perfect whole, but we have voices inside our head always at the contradiction. Sometimes we radiate a different personality from what we originally are and this personality is how people seek to place meaning to what we are.

Yet originally we're not everything we seem to be. We're more of what we are on the inside more than what we are on the outside this is because what we eventually chose to be sometimes might contradict what we are physically expected to be.

The human spirit craves dominion and total freedom but this is actually not 100% possible sometimes we need to put ourselves in check to establish a perfect equilibrium with which our lives should exist by.

In this video I talk about the diverse human complexities and how we should bridge the divide to establish a wholesome self.

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