Airdrop for HIVE holders on Ionomy

in hive-148441 •  4 months ago 

Free tokens anyone?

Ionomy announced today that they will be doing an Airdrop for HIVE holders on Ionomy.

The announcement on their twitter can be seen here:


Some specifics...

Anyone with at least 200 HIVE parked on Ionomy will be eligible for a portion of the 40,000 IONSX to be airdropped.

More of the specifics can be seen in the official announcement here:

Not only that but it looks like there may be more airdrops for HIVE holders in the future as well.

HIVE just keeps on giving.

Stay informed my friends.


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They seem to be quite the up and comer! Very pleased with everything so far and stoked to hear about more free hive 👌

I'm pretty sure people who don't have 200 HIVE are not very happy... Before I started powering up, I only had about 12 HIVE/STEEM.

How much are these IONSX worth?

That coin is worth $.025 currently each apparently, but who knows how many per individual and airdrop. Sounds like it is perhaps random.

And where can we sell that coin?

Sounds like it is the platform coin for I would assume it trades only there for now or forever. I'm no specialist though, so don't quote me.
Be well.

Thanks mate

Sure thing. Be well.


Interesting. Appreciate the heads up. I am curious of how much personal data they ask for.

Almost none. Just an email.

Oh. Interesting. I appreciate the reply. Thanks.

a good news to hear about. a sign of what more good things to come