Bought some more HIVE and it's a good time to buy HBDs on Upbit...

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With HIVE dropping to $.23 I figured it might be time to start dipping my toes back in...

Earlier today HIVE dropped all the way down to $.23 on Bittrex.

I didn't back up the truck just yet, but I figured it was time to start nibbling again...



Which is really the first time I started nibbling again on HIVE since it ran up to a dollar over a month ago.

As I mentioned, I didn't back the truck up just yet as I wouldn't be surprised to see HIVE go lower if BTC pulls back, which I think could happen over the coming days/weeks.

However, just in case it doesn't I figured now is a good time to start scooping up some HIVE again as it coming back to support levels on the HIVE/BTC chart.

It's a good time to be buying HBDs on Upbit...

If you have an Upbit account you have some interesting options right now with HBDs...

They are currently trading significantly lower than they are Bittrex:


Which means, one option would be to buy HBDs on Upbit and then transfer them over and sell em on Bittrex.

You would collect the spread, which in this case is roughly 8% or so before fees and slippage etc.

Another option would be to buy HBDs on Upbit and then send em over start a conversion on, for HIVE.

At the current price that leaves roughly 14% profit potential in 3.5 days depending on what the price of HIVE does over the next 3.5 days.

Unfortunately, US based users are unable to participate on Upbit, but some of you out there may be able to take advantage.

Stay informed my friends.


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Thanks for your advice
But I didn’t get upvotes 😭 so I don’t have hive or HBD nothing

Thanks..please upvote my post also..and I hope if you visit my post you will like this

Looks like you have a couple votes now. :)

Yeap @jrcornel
Thanks a lot..
I am beginner so if you please help me by upvoting in my posts I will be grateful to you

i was just thinking about doing the same....nibbling a bit and then taking a giant bite if it goes lower

Yep, exactly. A break below $.20 would probably be my cue to start loading the boat.

Hive is the most under rated bargain at the moment! As for Steem I dont know how it is still worth 1 cent! The time will come when it is a collectors item worth nothing

Yea it has been pretty surprising it hasn't cratered yet. My guess is that someone is supporting the price with plans to run it at a later date, but that is just me speculating.

it certainly is a great price to buy and hodl, but I think that it could go lower than it is right now so I'm waiting with some HBD from my posts and some USDT on Binance since Venezuelans can't use Bittrex anymore... Thanks for the advice on using Upbit, I will be searching for some info about it.

Yea check it out and see if you are able to use especially if you lost Bittrex as they are one of the only other exchanges with HBDs.

What's your price expectations?

Good question. I am hopeful that we are at or near lows. I expect BTC to go on a massive run over the next 18 months and I think we will an altcoin season or two along the way which I am hopeful includes HIVE. I am a buyer under $.20 at the current time.

Do you think in 3 months timeline, it will again reach to $.50-.70 level?

I can't say. But, I think that within the next 18 months though at some point HIVE will have been higher than those numbers...

Does Upbit require a Korean id?

I am assuming so, though I can't say for sure. Being in the US it would not let me create an account.

Does the falling price of Hive can effect the profit of HBD conversion?

If You want to sell HIVE after - Yes, obviously. Look at BTC or USD prices too when converting.

It makes it more profitable to do the conversion with HIVE falling while you are doing the conversion, IE you would receive more HIVE when it finishes the conversion if HIVE drops. If HIVE goes up, you will receive less HIVE than you would have when you started. It calculates this based on the 3.5 day average price of HIVE once you start the conversion.

Sounds like good advice, but honestly, I'd just like to know how to use Esteem!

I haven't tried it, so couldn't really help much there.

@jcoronel, excelente información,voy a husmear y ver esa info que mencionaste a ver s puedo hacer alguna diferencia. Muchas gracias.


HIVE still in downtrend. We can buy lower for sure.

I wouldn't put that "for sure" at the end, but the previous price action doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for a change in direction. The funny thing about bottoms though are that you often don't know you are at one until after it happens. :)

how low?

Who knows 🙃

what is your buy-in aim?^^

When it starts to grow


When the price starts to grow?

is upbit with or without kyc?

I am assuming KYC, but I can't say for sure.

It pains me bittex is no longer supported in my jurisdiction

Really? Where and when did that happen?

Ghana. They have disabled support for Ghana

Dang... when did this happen? There is a Bittrex Global, no?

Yes. But after verification, they told me my country and some other countries are on a ban list

Lovely... there are some other exchanges listed here that you should be able to use...

Several of which don't require KYC.

Okk. Thanks for the reference

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You're very welcome @jrcornel! Great job posting every day of the week 😉
cheers, lizanomadsoul