Donald Trump needs HIVE and he is starting to realize it

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Donald Trump thought he got around the mainstream media by using Twitter, he was wrong...

The president of the United States had been using Twitter for years now to get around the mainstream media twisting what he says and taking things out of context.

It was the perfect way for him to say exactly what he means, the way he means it.

However, that may be coming to an end...

Donald Trump was outraged when he discovered one of his recent tweets was censored by "fact checking" implemented by Twitter...


But wait, there's more...



Big Action to Follow?

Not only is Trump upset about what is happening, but he has promised to take big action in response.

How big of an action you may be wondering?

Well, his spokeswoman is saying he plans to sign an executive order relating to social media as soon as tomorrow morning...


It remains to be seen exactly what Trump is planning to do via executive order, but it sounds like it may be a biggie...

This is why HIVE matters...

This is exactly what HIVE was created for.

We should all be tagging Trump on Twitter and anywhere else we can get his attention telling him that decentralized social media alternatives already exist.

He can come on HIVE and post what he likes without fear that his words will be twisted or censored.

And even if we can't get his attention, if we get it out there enough perhaps those that are following the happenings will think migrating over to a censorship resistance platform makes a lot of sense for them as well...

Now is the time to strike!

Stay informed my friends.


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Think about a scenario where we will have 10 million people waiting to sign up :P

do the math, what would HIVE price be
if you had 10 Million new accounts by next week?

Heck, imagine if we just had 100k new accounts trying to sign up by next week...

I have a better idea.
Bring Donald in and make him invest 100M.
Then we can freeze his funds and transfer them to Hive dao fund.

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We are decentralized, not like our old chain

I am sure we would attract a heck of a lot more developers if that scenario ever came up...

Yes thats for sure

This ridiculous censorship makes my blood boil. I will definitely be tagging Hive stuff on Trump's post.

Thank you, that is a great start!

No problem!! Thanks for your post that helped me take a bit of action even if it's only on Twitter.

That would be EPIC if TRUMP moved to HIVE and got the whole country signed up! Hope you can convince him?

Yes, that would be pretty incredible. It would be interesting to see his response when the price of HIVE went to the moon and then he remembered that he was not a fan of cryptocurrencies...

lol! Everybody becomes a fan when it mewns on them!! lol

He needs the media and probably needs Twitter even more. He stirs up fake controversy to get more hits. He may not be the brightest spark, but he knows how to play this game. His whole deal is to sow distrust in any other source of information (unless they suck up to him) to control the agenda.

If he did move to Hive it would certainly stir things up, but I think it's unlikely for now as the audience is insignificant for him. I am not sure we could add users quickly enough to satisfy his ego.

I am not sure we could add users quickly enough to satisfy his ego.

People can read posts on here without signing up for an account... same as twitter.

Yes, but if they want to follow specific people and comment they need an account, even if they don't have much/any HP. Steempeak has login with other social accounts that I think allows you to follow people. Peakd does not seem to offer this. I have seen someone say we could not actually create millions of accounts due to limits of the blockchain.

I do not doubt that for one second, but that wouldn't necessarily stop him from creating an account... which was my point. :)

Well if he did join we would get plenty of publicity, for good or ill :)

How decentralized is Hive really? Be sincere.

Not nearly as much as it should be...

Why we are not changing the witnesses votes from 30 to 5 is beyond me...

Witness consensus should be set closer to 300 or 3000 instead of 20.

At least 100 in my opinion...

Your face when you are president of US but you are censored anyway )))

Yea, he's not happy...

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Trump is handsome! ;)
Break them all

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Lol, sure!

Even on HIVE we can downvote his posts until his reputation goes negative ;)

Sure, but then I am sure he would buy up a bunch of HP and downvote his downvoters...

True... Trump can act quite childish, but so can the other users...

Lol a lot of people would flag him here and he would be pissed off, then he would want also close Hive, let him close twitter and speak in another place. Is making us a favour there.

Ha, you may be right about that. He would fire up the printing presses so he could use that money to buy more HP and downvote his downvoters. Something tells me Donald would be a big fan of the downvote button.

Can’t stand the guy...

Yea, he is very polarizing. His fans love him and his critics hate him. Not much in between.

Very true. I'm disgusted by our political system right now.

I think you can consider me the one "in between". I have never lived in the United States though, but Donald Trump oftentimes appears on the centralized social media platforms I am watching on.

I wonder why nobody yet created an account for him aka @therealdonaldtrump and cross post all his Twitter posts to the HIVE Blockchain. He doesn't even has to do it himself... we could just do it for him!
I think he will take legal actions against FB, Twitter and co. for censoring freedom of speach.

Yea didn't John McAfee do that on steem a while back?

Strike them while their down! The only way to take the reins away from these social media companies is to expose their serious flaws and then show people a better alternative.

Hive, while not exactly perfect (yet) is on its way to becoming a viable alternative imo. We need to continually capitalize on a potential exodus from social platforms when stuff like this arises

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Yep, agreed.

Do we need legal advice?

nope, but i just talked with him about this issue

"Please sign on to Hive President Trump i'll even chip in 3 Hive to get you your account."

It would be incredible to see a great personality like Trump, his followers and fans would come running to hive and the investments would rain like a storm. It would be incredible.

SWEEEETT!!! This is very good! I am with you and I'm even going to share your post on my accounts. This is great!

Not sure if it's a good idea to have him here. Sure, it'll get a lot of users to start onboarding, but what are the consequences of that? What integrity we have might count for nothing if he starts preaching on Hive. With the things that he's saying, I dare say that censorship might do all the better.

Hive will never be anywhere near as big as Twitter in the short term. Hive is way too complicated. Hive is such a boring platform. Instead of dreaming you people at the top should think about making this place more appealing and a lot easier to use...and actually as of now I feel this place is pretty much dead and feels weird, just look at this post over 100 upvotes but only 5 comments. I don’t know man things are not looking good here...

There is some truth in there, perhaps get this in front of some of the decision makers? Unfortunately I am not one of them... though I do agree that if we/they ever want mass adoption things need to be much easier to understand. In that vein though we probably should move the blogging aspect to just another app on top of the hive blockchain with its own token... that makes the most sense to me anyways.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense but still all the tokens and reward shit and transfers need to be a lot easier, they should just have one damn token here and that’s it, just like if you transfer your Hive (steem) in here just automatically make it into the power thing and then of course power down shit shouldn’t be a 13 days thing or whatever it is, it should be as easy as when you put your money in...

Well HIVE and are separate, though they seem one and the same. The is an application built on HIVE. And many of the changes you are talking about are more related to the blogging aspect than the currency itself. Though, overall I do agree things need to be less complicated if we ever want to have a significant user base.

The Executive Order Targeting Social Media Gets the FTC, Its Job, and the Law Wrong

The inaptly named Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship seeks to insert the federal government into private Internet speech in several ways. In particular, Sections 4 and 5 seek to address possible deceptive practices, but end up being unnecessary at best and legally untenable at worst.

These provisions are motivated in part by concerns, which we share, that the dominant platforms do not adequately inform users about their standards for moderating content, and that their own free speech rhetoric often doesn’t match their practices. But the EO’s provisions either don’t help, or introduce new and even more dangerous problems.