HIVE added to the WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

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Another day another new Exchange listing for HIVE...

WazirX announced yesterday that they will be listing a HIVE/USDT trading pair. They also said they went ahead and airdropped HIVE tokens to all eligible STEEM holders.

The official announcement can be seen here:


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You know anything about WazirX?

Nope? Me neither...

Doing some digging, it appears they are a rather popular exchange located in India. THE most popular exchange in India to be precise.

They were taken out in November of last year by Binance for an undisclosed amount as a way for Binance to gain a foothold in the Indian market, which just so happens to have a population of more than a billion people.

More on that can be seen here:

Since Binance just announced a listing for HIVE, it probably also makes sense that WazirX would also list HIVE considering they are both owned by the same people now.

Trading for HIVE is already available but wallets are not...

It sounds like this listing is starting out similar to the one announced yesterday by HBTC in that deposits and withdrawals will not be available initially for customers.

The specifics were mentioned here:


However, that nice little tidbit at the bottom there saying that wallets will be enabled soon was a bit more reassuring to hear than the information out of HBTC where they said they will only enable wallets if there is demand for it.

It sounds like wallets will be coming for WazirX in the near future regardless.

And judging by the fact they are owned by Binance and Binance is enabling HIVE wallets tomorrow, I'd say there is a good chance that it happens sooner rather than later on WazirX as well.

Either way, the more exchanges that HIVE has the more users HIVE is ultimately opened up to, and that is the most important thing.

India has a massive population and they are starting to get some regulatory clarity on crypto.

HIVE is lucky to find a home there.

Stay informed my friends.



Wow look at us we are just on fire right now.

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Now that we got the low hanging fruit, it's time to reach for the more difficult gets. :)

wow it seems like there is no end in sight regarding good news. Now it would be nice if the price stops dropping and stabilize here.

I think it likely does balance out in this area, but that is just my personal opinion and not investing advice.

so far it looks quite good. fingers crossed :)

Yeah, am using this Wazirx exchange to convert my fiat to crypto 😀

Are you picking up more HIVE?

Yeah am trying. Currently I have no fiat to buy 🥴

Another good news!

I do buy using WazirX, but unless deposit / withdraw not available, its of no value. Good that they paired with USD, but their rapid listing is not really rapid. It just stays in that list for long time. Still good for them who are only for trading and earn profits.

That's not true. Anyone looking to buy more with BTC or more accurately, USDT, they now can. Wallets will likely be enabled in a the near future though according to the announcement.

I have been watching their rapid listing from long time. They promise to enable the withdraw soon, but they take a lot of time. Steem is in rapid listing since long (almost more than 2 months as I watch), so as many coins. So that makes it only for trading. You can see all the coin details here :

I really like how many exchanges are listing Hive freely without the fees.
I see a bright future for Hive, many exchanges are seeing the solidarity of the community.

They want those trading fees... Projects that are active and that have a coin that moves is a dream to them.

Greetings excellent news Hive is expanding everywhere

Will #hive spread way too thin too fast ?
I do not think so, but we need all the engagement we can get.
Prices will leveled in due time.

In terms of new exchange listings, there is not such thing as spreading too thin too fast. The more the merrier!

Hive is going to be huge!

And by the way, I would love you do a #meat20 post, if you like the initiative.

I'm not familiar with it, what is the meat20 initiative?

#MeAt20 is already one of the trending topic twitter, you can go and check out who all are writing :

I made a postand requested the community get engaged.I think, we can make the hive buzz by doing more posts and posting in twitter, that way, we will already trend it more and at the same time show case hive. And its excite as well to remind your memories on block chain, may be a way to digitize your old photos.