HIVE adds 2 new Exchanges and gets a write up in Altcoinbuzz!

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Things are starting to get very exciting in HIVE

If adding one new exchange wasn't enough, HIVE got added to 2 new exchanges yesterday.

First, it was the Huobi listing that you likely have heard about by now...

Then, in a surprise announcement, MXC also announced that they would be listing HIVE.

The official announcement can be seen here:


To be honest this is the first I have heard about the MXC exchange but it is very interesting to me...

It is interesting because it appears to be more than just a crypto exchange.

Briefly glancing at their trading page, it looks like they offer ETFs, Futures, and even margin trading all combined in one platform.

It remains to be seen if margin can be applied to crypto, but it is interesting to see an exchange adding HIVE that appears to be much more than just a crypto exchange...


Both exchanges have added several trading pairs for HIVE and both are now trading HIVE/BTC trading pairs as of this morning.

If all that wasn't enough good news for ol Hive, it looks like there have been a few write ups in the last 24 hours about HIVE as well...

With exchange listings and price increases comes media attention.

Here's a nice little write up in Altcoinbuzz from this morning:


Huobi Extends Support to Hive


Excitement within the Hive tribe is on the peak. And that’s because Huobi, one of the leading crypto exchanges, has announced its trading support to its native token. Starting from 14:00 UTC on Friday, April 24, Huobi is set to support Hive trading.

At the time of the press, Hive price was up by a whopping 76.6%, trading close to $0.321 while Steem continued to trail behind at $0.174.

A U-turn it is

There is no doubt that Huobi was tricked by Justin Sun into believing that “Steem was at immediate risk of an attack” in early March. However, as soon as the real story of Steem’s hostile takeover plans began to surface, Huobi mobilized customers’ Steem holding.

Readers will remember that when the community-driven Steem-Hive hard fork happened last month, Huobi had immediately made an official announcement of supporting the fork. However, even as it supported the airdrop, Huobi had initially rebutted any plans of listing tokens.

But today by listing Hive, the exchange has proved that it will stand only by true decentralization.



The HIVE Is Alive On Huobi!

More trouble for Steem

With this, Huobi becomes the third exchange to support Hive trading. Earlier, Bittrex and ProBit had become the first two exchanges to list the token. However, Steem is still leading ahead of Hive in terms of exchange listings. Currently, 18 exchanges list Steem while with the Huobi addition, Hive is listed only on 3 exchanges. But, we sense Steem is in big trouble.

According to a tweet by @HivePeople, Steem has now lost potential business. He set out by comparing “Daily Time on Site results” between PeakD and SteemIT, with a stunning realization. PeakD is garnering 10 times more attention than SteemIT. To remind, PeakD is one of the leading DApp on Steem to have moved to Hive.


Fresh jilt

In a fresh twist, Steem’s four former members Michael Vandeberg (@vandeberg), Nathaniel Caldwell, Steve Gerbino (@gerbino), and @theoretical recently formed a new company, OpenOrchard. Most importantly, Michael and Theoretical were founding members of the Steem’s blockchain launching team. And now, they have also moved to the Hive blockchain.

OpenOrchard believes that Hive will play a critical role in progressing the mission of full decentralization.

Also, read how all of this started with Tron completing a seemingly innocuous buyout of Steemit in February before it escalated to the present scenario.



The price is very much reflecting all of the good news...

As you might imagine, the price is responding very well to all the good news going on currently.

HIVE is currently trading at $.40 and not showing many signs of slowing down just yet.

The good thing about publicity and exposure is that it often begets more publicity and exposure.

With a couple exchanges adding HIVE, the price exploding, and media outlets talking about HIVE, there is a very good chance more exchanges will start adding HIVE as well.

Which of course will likely help the price continue to go higher and thus get more news site talking about it etc etc etc. A positive feedback loop of sorts.

Plus all of this exposure will undoubtedly bring more users to the platform.

All good things...

Stay informed my friends.



so the price is going up just because it's being listed on more exchanges? more people able to purchase it

The exchange itself is likely driving prices up as well. But yes greater exposure, plus traders jumping on something that is moving... It all kind of feeds on itself.

thanks for posting this. I had no idea what was going on and I literally have no engagement on my account so I'm really going at this hive thing alone lol

Glad it could help!

Great news!

The Houbi contest of top Hive depositors will get the 100,000 Hive is the only reason why Hive price pumping. After the contest it will again drop as stone since JS will dump another batch this week from his power down.

Power down from where?

I dumped to buy more on the dip but with my luck it will explode to like 80 cents.

Haha I hear you. These pumps often go higher than you expect. It's hard to tell when it's a little pop or the real full on pump. It's turned into a real full on pump!

Yes it has. Usually when I hodl it goes down when I sell it continues going up. At least it wasn’t to much and I still believe it will dip lower than the .39 I sold at eventually.

The attention needs to be leveraged. As you said, publicity tends to beget more publicity.

We need to keep stoking the flames and using the contracts within the industry to spread the word. Of course, to do that, we need something to spread.

This is where continued progress is vital. Do it and then talk about it.

Great that we are getting more attention.

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Yep, I completely agree. Have some ideas on that actually.

It is what we call genuine action back by a community.
#hive is more like what you see is what you get.
The future is red and bright.

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Sounds good, people need more good news ;)

Another good news

"He set out by comparing".... "He" should be "She". Thanks for the mention though.

What do you mean?

What will Justin do?

We will find out... but with all the liquidity right now, even him dumping won't do much.