HIVE has yet another new Exchange listing...

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Another place we can trade HIVE...

This announcement flew under the radar a bit, but it looks like another Korean Exchange will be listing HIVE...



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Bitsonic announced a few days back that they would be listing three/four trading pairs for HIVE:


The official listing announcement can be seen here:


It appears this exchange has some kind of affiliation with Binance, though I am not sure exactly how or what it is.

Either way the more exchange listings the better!

Stay informed my friends.



BitSonic is owned by company that makes mobile applications... Some people say they allow trading all coins listed on Binance in addition to coins listed on BitSonic itself. They're directly competing with Upbit in number of listed assets.

Any ideas how many exchange #hive is listing ?
What about #hbd ?
The value of #hbd is rising.
@jcornel is #hbd rise in value has a direct impact in the price of #hive?

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If HBD goes over a dollar, yes it helps HIVE go up. However, I speculate the opposite happens as well. If HBD is trading well below a dollar, it pulls HIVE down with it.

This is very true. HBD stability is a requirement to HIVE rises.
We have seen nice test of HBD bring back to one dollar after drop last days. Maybe we will see some love for HIVE now?

The more the merrier! Korea sure does seem to be quite the hotbed for crypto exchanges. Too bad so many of these immediately pop up a screen that says "since you live in the USA, we can't offer you an account," or some variety thereof.

I guess a lot of us are also worried whether or not we'll ever be able to move all our Steem off Steem... the latest shenanigans didn't exactly help anyone, in that respect.

Yep, agreed. We don't have many options for STEEM at the moment. Would be nice if that changed.


@jrcornel this is a good one seeing hive in more exchanges.

Wow. Things keep getting interesting. As steem is plummetting hive is gaining traction

Ah...Korean... my favorite language :)


Whatever :P

lol... that's what I always say to my Korean girlfriend... Either that or 영원히... especially if I get tired of repeating the obvious things...