The CEO of Dogecoin just did something that's never been done

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Dogecoin doesn't really have a CEO but if they did, it would be Elon Musk...

Elon Musk was a part of something done today that was previously never done in the history of mankind.

Elon's company SpaceX, a private company, sent a manned spacecraft into orbit for the first time ever.

Dogecoin doesn't really have a CEO btw, but if they did, it would likely be Elon Musk...


He has tweeted about dogecoin several times in the past, causing it to spike up significantly a couple of times.

And leading up into the launch today, dogecoin enjoyed some bullish price action over the last several days...


More on the launch...

Elon Musk is mostly known for founding Tesla, the electric car company that has carved out a niche for itself in an extremely competitive automobile industry.

So much so that people just use one word to describe the vehicles...

"I own a Tesla" has become a status of sorts.

However, he also founded SpaceX some time ago that today did something no other private company has ever done...

From Fox News:

"The launch will be the first time a private company, rather than a national government, sends astronauts into orbit. It will also be the first time that astronauts launch from U.S. soil since the final space shuttle mission in 2011."



Also of note, this was the first time that SpaceX has ever had humans in any of its rocket launches.

Today was a monumental day in our history and there was even a slight tie-in to cryptocurrency, which is never a bad thing.

Keep doing your thing Elon and perhaps some day soon you will own more than that .25 BTC you have been sitting on for the past few years.

Stay informed my friends.


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Actually CEO of Dogecoin would be Billy Markus... Even though the spark was created initially by Jackson Palmer, who launched the first website for Dogecoin.

Actually there is no CEO and would be no CEO. It's a joke.

But... you didn't tag it #funny so people don't see it as a joke...

"Dogecoin doesn't really have a CEO but if they did, it would be Elon Musk..."

I would assume most people could figure out Elon Musk is not the CEO of dogecoin...

That's not the point... The point is that why even in the first place Elon Musk would have any significant effect on Dogecoin... It's basically as much shitcoin as Bytecoin was...

Fart is still a fart even if some millionaire does it, the bad smell comes from the digested food, not the name of the person who farts... Just like Fart does not disappear in the Sahara desert even though there is a place called Fart near Sahara desert...

Ask the market that... Elon has pumped dogecoin on numerous occasions over the last several years.

But has he committed any code to actually improve Dogecoin? Anyone can pump value of any coin, but that doesn't mean they become CEO of the coin, or even member of the core development team.

Lol obviously. But if you want to go down that rabbit hole... how many CEOs do you know that write code? No fortune 500 CEOs ever write a line of code...

A lot of cryptocurrencies don't have CEO per se, but have team leader or lead developer... Basically person who made the first call to start the coin or who makes the final decision about what to include in the official releases. For some coins, that person hasn't remained the same throughout the history.

Can you name a coin that actually does have a CEO?

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My coin, and Electroneum ;)

Most coins with an ICO, and all ERC20 tokens, nowadays are required to be backed up by incorporated organization and as such have a CEO or equivalent.

Doge coin is hands down the bets tipping coin out there lol! It’s cheap and fast and uses POW what more can you want! It’s BTC but a lot more fun

Yep, I have heard that from quite a few places. I would not be surprised if it has a few more days in the sun in the near future... especially with Musk being so fond of it.

I was like CEO of Dogecoin? Then I clicked and see you talking about Elon! hahaha good one!

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Yea, not really the CEO...