Trump says - "Today will be Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS"

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Apparently Trump meant what he said yesterday...

As I type, Trump is readying an executive order relating to social media companies that is expected within the next couple hours.

He claims that it will go a long ways in creating fairness, something he doesn't feel he has been getting as of late with Twitter and some of the others:


This all started Tuesday/Wednesday when Trump went on a tirade after Twitter implemented a Fact Check feature which showed up on one of Trump's tweets as it related to mail in ballots and voter fraud.

More on that can be seen here:

Jack Dorsey responds...

After being all over the news much of the day yesterday, the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, responded Wednesday night.



What Jack is saying makes a lot of sense and sounds like it was intended to soften Trump's response on the matter at least a little, but judging by Trump's tweet early this morning (the one posted above) and subsequent remarks, he is going forward with an executive order never the less...

And the anger hasn't subsided:


It will be interesting to see exactly what this executive order contains and how it impacts traditional social media...

Either way, we should be pushing HIVE all over Twitter and other places right now to let anyone know that is fed up with the current social media censorship that there are other options.

And a really good other option is HIVE.

The time to strike is now!

Stay informed my friends.


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Nice, but you should link #HIVE in there as well. :)

You know I'm not fan of Hive... I use it only because my job requires...

Time to put hive on world mirror! Thanks for information, this kind of post really works!

That's the hope!

Yes. Hive is our future and good field for development good no sick economic.

Trump needs to launch his own social networking platform ;)

If his Asian counterpart @justinsunsteemit already has own, he can't go on long before starting his own... USA has to be better than China, otherwise Trump really is the joke people think he is...

Ha, that would be pretty interesting.

I actually suggested that to him earlier ;)

Oddly enough, he's faster at reacting to social media "censoring" his Tweets, than at trying to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. That doesn't say well about him, does it?

According to Donald Trump, Covid-19 pandemic is Chinese propaganda... It's not real so needs no extra attention. Every death around the world is fake news. Funnily enough that leaves the question why stimulus checks were sent...

Funnily enough that leaves the question why stimulus checks were sent...

Well, he was looking at low interest rates and more capital spending to boost the economy before the pandemic. Now, he's pushing for negative rates, and looking to capitalise even more on that, especially with the outbreak having pushed the economy to a halt. A proper Covid-19 response didn't fit his agenda, but stimulus did, so...

I've never understood negative rates... Here negative rates are against constitution, so all banks are pushing for zero rate instead...

I'm not sure about how the laws are where you're from, but negative rates can be a double edged sword. Fortunately, I haven't had the displeasure of having to experience that, but if it does, then it's a good time to start pumping more into crypto.

Finnish constitution and laws are pretty much unintelligible... Constitution itself gives just basic principles and leaves details to be defined by individual laws...

Chapter 2 Section 15 of Finnish constitution declares that property of individual citizen is protected.

Also, chapter 15 section 6 of law regarding activities of financial institutions declares citizens have right to basic banking services without undue expenses.

This means in practice that any action or fee of the bank can't result in negative balance of the account.

In that context, it's a good thing, no? This means the bank can't f**k you over with huge fees and surging interests that you have to pay for depositing money, instead of the other way around.

They can still charge high fees as long as it doesn't cause the balance to go negative... Some of my bank accounts have had zero balance for over a decade... I just keep them around for days when I need to give balance sheets to government. It makes me look better if I send them 18 pages of zero balance instead of sending three pages showing all my crypto and stock purchases, and sells..