You can now trade HIVE/USDT on Margin

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In a first for either HIVE/STEEM you can now trade it on Margin

In what may amount to be pretty big news, the MXC Exchange just announced that they are going to enable margin trading for HIVE.

Specifically, it will be enabled on the HIVE/USDT trading pair.

This would be the first time in the 4+ year history of HIVE/STEEM that they have ever had a trading pair that was tradable with margin...

The official announcement can be seen here:


The MXC Exchange is unique in that it allows more than just cryptocurrency trading...

Besides just crypto related products, they also have ETFs and Futures products available to their customers.

And as mentioned above, they allow margin trading for select products.

Despite being a relatively new exchange, they already have 2 trading pairs within the Top 10 on HIVE in terms of dollar volume as of right now...


And I fully expect those volumes to go up with announcements just like this one...

It looks like HIVE has found a nice home with MXC.

Stay informed my friends.


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Some good news after a torrid week...

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the tip!

Wow! That is a big development.
It is really quite extraordinary what progress Hive has made in a little over 2 months.

When Hive was first created it had nothing other than an active community.
No exchange listings. All the front ends needed to be re-created from scratch.
All the marketing logos and stuff needed to be re-done.

It really was a huge job that made to look easy by a very talented and committed community.

Yep. The main concern with the fork was exchange listings and liquidity. Well, it looks like those concerns were blown out of the water as HIVE has a number of exchange listings and just as many trading pairs as STEEM already.

Wow! that's really an advancement! Margin trading can attract many people

That is the hope yes. Good news indeed.

@jrcornel this is a good development. Thanks for sharing with us.

You got it, good news indeed.

Great news!

As always, this is welcomed news.

It is interesting what Hive accomplished in a couple months compared to what Steem did (or didnt do) in 4 years.

Margin trading opens up an avenue to certain types of traders. Might not be the news that makes Hive mainstream but it is another notch in the belt as they say.

Each step reaches us further out.

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Now we need them to list HBDs as well. On that note it sure would be nice to get a HBD/USD trading pair somewhere...

We need to be able to borrow HBD by "staking/pledging" HIVE tokens.

That would be crazy.

The more wer in the news (and wer right) the more exchange attention we get.

Right. It just keeps building upon itself.

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That is pretty good news and expanding HIVE everywhere is one way for mass adoption and bringing more users on board.

Yep, bingo. Especially as many exchanges are region specific. We want to be including as many regions as possible.

Jikes. I mean folks will get rekt, lol, but this is major news. I dont think folks realize how big this is. We will have to pump liquidity. I havent really checked out MXC but im considering now moving my exchange funds there.

Yep same here. I wonder... does this mean you can also short it? (Hopefully not...)

This is definitely an exciting moment for HIVE, to see more recognition from exchanges. This more than ever validates to the public eye that Hive has value, beyond what us as a community have been fighting for.

It's also staggering to see the amount of progress that Hive has had over the couple or so months since it's been online. I wasn't around for STEEM back in the early days, but I don't recall it having made this much progress.

Now, it's high time to get HIVE listed on big exchanges next, maybe CoinBase or Binance, and possibly allow for more investment options like staking, or high interesting savings :-)

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I have never heard MXC Exchange before this, but this is good news! (:
Is it possible to do normal trading of HIVE/USD (not leveraged) on that platform?

Re-blogged! (: