Happy Easter Hivers!! A Gathering Around The Screen For Virtual Mass

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Heya Hivers,


Happy Easter!! How are you celebrating with all this social distancing going on? I know Virtual Masses have been practised for some weeks now in my country. I also saw @vincy's family gathered around the screen in Australia this morning. Where are you from, and if you are celebrating, how did you attend Mass?

Flood - Jars of Clay
This song may sound like it is about Noah and the floods but according to the band, not at all even though they are a Contemporary Christian Band.

I have always been very impressed with the Homesteaders. Self-sufficient. Growing their own veggies, raising chickens, mending what's broken. No waste too. With the Partial Lockdown, many are starting to see the benefits. Me too! I have tried to in small ways but I am nowhere close. I have lived in the city more than half my life, and even though, I grew up with parents who you'd today call Homesteaders, back then just living, I have been spoilt with the conveniences of modernity. And I confess, I like it.

Shine - Collective Soul
This is the song that catapulted them to fame. According to the band's guitarist, Dean Roland, the chorus is somewhat a prayer.

I haven't been mobile as much as I should be. I have been spending most of my time on the laptop, for work (the one that pays me Fiat) and pleasure (the one that pays me crypto). Did you know there was this guy who went viral for running over 230km in his house since MCO? So, I guess if you really wanted to, you'd find a way. The magic is in the wanting to!! Gahhhh... So, anyway, I walked about 1.5km one way to get some Sushi. I really wanted Sushi, and I really needed some exercise. It was a win-win!! haha

All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
This song is often the closer at their concerts as that bit "I got soul but I"m not a soldier" has fans singing along. Some people get it, some people think it's nonsense... I am of the former.

Well, back to binge-watching... actually I bluff. I find I have more to do now than usual. Perhaps because the kids at home, seem always hungry!!

Hey, thank you for hanging out with me
Till next time, Stay Safe & HiveFive

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Happy Easter to you and family.
Everything has changed so much for everyone that we no longer who is the norm anymore.
I think instead of worrying and waiting for all this to be over, we must never forget to rejoice the Now. Because we never know what tomorrow brings us.

For sure :)
Going with the flow
And very grateful for the good things... there's plenty by the way.
Hope you had good Easter :D

Hehe yeh all virtual now, it’s nice to be together as family but also miss all the real people we don’t get to meet

Soon @vincy, I'm sure
Very tardy with my replies... sorry about that
stay safe <33