🙃I Have Been Sooooo Busy!!🙃

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womansface3400813.jpgI have become so terribly busy, it's crazy!!
But BUSY is good right?
I got me a job and I love the creative process of it.
It does require a lot of writing as I take care of their copies for Social Media and Corp Comm.
So needless to say by the end of the day, I am done writing and don't want to sit in front of the laptop and type more text... urggghhhh

So I thought, okay, let's make videos. Give the writing a break. With no Ramadhan Bazaars to get to the yumzz, I'll cook something every day.
Is it time-consuming?!
You bet. I love doing it but - there's always a BUT!!
Home cooking is nothing like those cooking shows.
You don't have a fancy kitchen, great lighting, kitchen tools.
You are cutting and washing up as you are cooking so you can get it done pronto.
And in between, you are answering calls, getting the kids to do assignments, laundry,... yes, it is a frazzled affair!!
Well, the cooking will continue... but those cooking videos... meh!

I considered talking head videos, no edits, just keep talking about anything, everything, nothing ... but, yawn!! Not my thing, again - definitely not for every day! I'd bore myself, besides I do enjoy the editing process.

So back to the drawing board... and I just might have something else cooking... not on the stove sort, but right now just bubbling under in my head!! haha

Well, thank you for reading. It felt good to ramble off the niggles. "Stretch!!!" Now, time to cook dinner and then whip out four letters to apply for grants!!


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I know what you mean about being busy and having endless writing.
After using so many vocabulary in one day, at the end no words comes out for ourselves anymore. Days like these, I don't even bother to post anything because I have no more words to share.

Breaks always good
At the end of the day
There should be fun in this right? 😊

I've got one word for you: PODCAST. No typing, you can say anything you want and nobody can see you're wearing bunny slippers! :)

I'm thinking about 🌟 ting one up, but just like you, I'm out of time.

That's an idea
thank you
And please let me know when you do start one 😃