💚It's Her Day - Mother Earth!! 💚

in GEMS6 months ago

For about 4 years now, I have been trying to practice the 5R's.






I won't say I am great it, still have a long way to go, but I do consciously make an effort. I wouldn't even say I started because I woke up one day and suddenly became an eco-warrior. It was more like I woke up one day, and I was out of a job!.


It started out because of necessity. but was very easy to make it a Lifestyle. It helped that Mum'n'Dad had always practised almost all the R's. I think the lonely one they didn't was to "Refuse" but all the other 4, you bet!!


With the whole MCO/Lockdown, I feel it is almost like a reset for us. Time to take stock and reevaluate the unnecessary must-haves we covert. We have survived not going to a mall for a whole month. Wow!! And, honestly, the pollution has gone down in leaps. Normally there'd be a layer of dust on the furniture within the day, but now I don't need to dust every single day woohoo!!


Today is International Mother Earth Day, 22nd April. You can read more on how we can altogether do our part for Gaia at www.un.org. I for one will continue to work on levelling up on the 5R's.


Happy International Earth Day Hivers!! Stay safe n Be Well.