Never Have I Ever...

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... powered down on Steem. Cashed out once my first month in back in Dec17/Jan18 just to see if it was a scam - the minimal through Remitano which was 6 Steem I think. That too, I needed my friend @vangie (My Numbers Whisperer) to help because I dumb like that. And then, from that point on it was power-up all the way.
I had no intention to leave Steem, I had this grand plan that it was going to be my fall back plan, that in time, the world would see Steem for what it was and enough people would come in. I was prepared for the marathon not because I wanted to be blindingly rich(though that would be nice too), but I wanted to not worry about a roof over my head or food on the table. Needless, to say those dreams are in the dumps now!!
The last couple of months, watching everything unfold, it was deafening and numbing. Being in a helpless position, to just wait and see where this would end was rather gut-wrenching, disappointed in people for tearing each other apart.

Every time I see nasty words from peeps in the SteemVerse that rip into each other, I think of my ex-boss' favourite words when we had misunderstandings and conflicts in the office - "the fight is out there..not in here! Stop wasting your energy on nonsense, sort out your differences and make it work!!" It wasn't easy, but when you are given the ultimatum, you find a way I suppose.

Anyways, here we are! Most of us making a clean move over to Hive. Then there are some who want to still make Steem work. I understand the sentiments. I have lingerings of them too. But now it is crunch time. With me going back to "work"(now from home), I have to use my time wisely where and how I want to spend my 24 hours.
So, with that in mind, it was easy enough to decide to grow on Hive. After all, I am looking for a home, not a house. What is brick and mortar, as beautiful as they are (not that it is right now), without the peeps. So, the next thing to do, was to swap some Steem for Hive and I gingerly stepped into the @blocktrades offer. I was a little nervous since I didn't have my numbers' whisperer with me. What if I messed up...

And can I just say, it was so easy, I feel silly now!! Once I registered for my account at, I just followed the easy instructions. Tested it out with a 100 Steem first and boom, 30 seconds later I had it in my Hive wallet. I just wished I had tried it sooner then I would have got more Hive in exchange...haha!
IMG_9863 easy peasy 1.12.jpg
So I hope this will be available til I'm done. If you do want to find out more, here's the original post to check out.

Also want to just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to @blocktrades for making this easy for a noob like me.

Never Say Never,

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I agree, without @blocktrades I would be lost ... I've still got 1 more day to go before I get my 1st months powerdown STEEM.

Tomorrow is a big day for you ;D

I hope for you Hive will provide you in a roof above your head. I do not count on it. Seen it never did and neither Hive will. A brand new home looks different to me btw, it's clean and smells fresh. Happy day and earning. 😍

Nahhhhh.... that was me when I first stepped into the crypto world
Redistribution of wealth and all that...
Perhaps naive, definitely hopeful...
That flicker of light got dimmed and now dumped!!
Reason why I am back at a "real" job.. haha
Hive for me now is to continue doing what I enjoy.
Thank you for the well wishes, all positive vibes are welcome :D

If you enjoy what you do it makes you earn for sure. Happy days 💕

I presume one has to powerdown the steemit first before one can swop it for hive on @blocktrades?

Well done with your efforts my friend.

Yes, that is true... :D
Thank you @papilloncharity

Blessings to you my friend!

You have a lovely story! It's great that you powered up all this time!

You are like me. I always powered everything up. I'm powering down now and will exchange my hard earned Steem for Hive. If we all work together Hive will be a huge success! ❤️