Nobody Is Indispensable - Check ✅

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Heya Hivers,

I have been so busy the last few days it has been crazy. Overwhelmed would be the word. It has been a little over 4 years since I lost my job, and I just went back to work with timelines and boss expectations. I am enjoying it but at the same time, it has been quite a rollercoaster for the last couple of days.

I had forgotten what it was like. I remember I used to be so busy that I didn't even realise Mum was sick. So it was a blessing in disguise when I lost my job. I could finally "see" how sick she was. Not eating, fainting spells, not talking. Can you imagine, I was so out of it, I didn't know this was happening.

This here is Mum and me from about 10 years ago. We had gone to visit my brother in Australia. If I could be half the woman she was, I would be amazing!! As an adult and then as a mother, I realised how special of a human being she was. Apart from making it out of poverty and giving us all a good head start and choices in life, not through luck but sheer hard work, she had a heart of gold. She gave without expectations, she loved unconditionally. She was and still is my inspiration.

So can you imagine, I could not see how sick this woman was? The most special woman in my life. That's how busy the job kept me. And now, I feel I might be slipping back into that familiar territory. I didn't cook, I didn't clean house, I didn't blog or reply comments. It was crazy.

So this weekend, I finished some pending work and then took a deep breath and a step back. I cannot allow for this to happen again. The truth is, there is no work-life balance. It is a myth. But what I can do, is manage the family time. And when that's happening, or when me time is happening, I have to put the work aside and not feel compelled to check in every other minute.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt when I got the boot when the radio station shut down 4 years ago, was, it's just business. The amount of time I gave the company, the pride I took in being a workaholic, my loyalty to the company was just a business transaction to them. It was my life, sometimes placing it above my family, but to them I was replaceable, I was dispensable.

And that's the thing I need to remember. I am dispensable, replaceable to a company but not the family. I need to catch myself when I am about to trip into the rabbit hole. Coz, once you fall in, it can be tricky to get out...

Thank you for reading my thoughts 😊


Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

Family is never replaceable, easily forgotten and overlooked, but there is no substitute. Hope you find a way to help her get better. 🤗

She is in a better place Witty
That was her last year when I lost my job... so it was a blessing in disguise
It gave me the opportunity to take care of her... <33

Shit I remember that. Feel retarded now. I was reading and thought - but didn' now it makes more sense. Mysterious ways or something, right?

Your mum looks so young, if you said she's your sister I'd believe you!

I always say it's only work. Yes, it may pay for you food, your kids school fees, and mortgage etc but what's the point when you're never there to be with them. The family would probably prefer to live in smaller apartment or go to less weekend classes in exchange of see more of the parent.

For sure
Even now, because I started work, the kids want to know if I will be away 9-5 when the lockdown is over
I just have to keep myself in check
It's easy to get lost especially if you enjoy what you do ;D

Oh you learned a valuable lesson. I try to tell it to people that I see living for their job. I tell them very honestly the company is not going to give them a second thought when you are gone. We are no more than a tool.

Yes, I keep myself in check now...
That was a painful lesson learnt... but I guess you don't forget painful lessons haha
Thank you old-guy-photos!

Thank you for reminding me of what is important in life! I lost my grounding from time to time!

All the best.
Take care!

We all need reminders <33