The Great Dog Chase!!

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Heya Hivers,

Let me just say I have had so many incidents with dogs, bitten, chased... you name it!! I can only love them from afar. Even better, I would love them more in pics and screens 🤣😂🤣

doggy never.png

So this incident happened when I was 10 years old. Mum worked for a Norwegian family as a housemaid for a few years. They lived in a posh neighbourhood with swanky houses. Every now and then, when the family went on holiday, we (my brother and aunties) were allowed to visit.

When we visited, we'd take evening walks to check out the houses with their own pools and gardens so big you could get lost in them. We'd oooh and ahh, in awe of these people with so much money.

It was on an evening like this, the four of us set out once again. We came around a bend, and we heard the dogs barking. They were loud, all three of them. First, we froze and then noticed, the gates were locked.

NO SWEAT!! So we kept on walking, the dogs kept on barking from the inside of the fence. My brother and I, with the bravado of having the fence separate us from the unhappy dogs, barked back and teased them.

The fence was at least 20 metres in length (told you the houses were swanky!!) and the dogs just did not let up. The one I remember clearly was the Dalmation because it was the first time seeing a real one. I even thought it was a cow at first. We had this long conversation over it as we walked.

We were only too happy to be reaching the end of the fence, so we could cross the road and be on our way. The Horror of Horrors!!! There was a gate at the other end too except it was open. The dogs came running out, we went running crazy, my slipper came off, my brother was wailing in fright, my aunties were shouting to keep running!! OMG!! So much chaos.

And that Dalmatian was so tall, I swear he was twice my height. I was so sure he was going to catch up and take a nice nip off my arm or something. Thank goodness, the dogs stopped chasing us, probably trained not to go further. We got away safe except for my lost slipper and forever fear of dogs!!!

And that's how I was chased by not one but 3 dogs. I am still terrified of them and freeze even when I hear so much as a bark!

So, have you ever been chased by a dog? Tell me all about it😁

Til then, Hive Five

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