Volume Up, Thinking On || Sucky Time Management vs More Than I Can Chew...

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Heya Hivers,

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How's it going? I have been struggling with time. You'd think I'd have more since I'm stuck at home and there's no fetching and ferrying of the kids because of no school. But yeah, there you have it! It has always been one of my weaknesses. It's either I am terrible at time management or I take on more than I can chew. All these grand plans I have never seem to fit into my 24/7 for reals as it does in my head... gahhhh

Believer(acoustic) - Imagine Dragons

Anywho's, my car battery died on me. I forgot to start the engine to warm it for a week and the battery is now flat. We considered jump-starting it and then thought why even bother. We will just wait for when MCO ends before getting ready to drive the kids to and fro. Friday, the 10th is when we will know if MCO ends on the 14th as earlier stated or it extends. Wanna guess?

Bones(acoustic) - Josh Record

Now, to share why I have been struggling with time some. I just started work with a theatre company that have many other brands/IPs under their umbrella. From glamping to education and more. I work with the Social Media team and copywriting mostly. So you can imagine, when I am done with that, whipping out a post gets swallowed under the blankets... haha. But one month in, I am feeling a little more confident in fitting more things into a day.

Ho Hey - Lumineers

Talking to my brothers who live in different countries, it is so surreal to hear them run through the Covid do's and don'ts which is almost identical to mine. I really wonder what's on the other side of this madness...

Til next time, #staysafe and Hive Five🎶

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