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Greetings friends of @Gems
Making friends and valuing them is a great virtue, the areas of our lives where we can find them work, community, schools, etc., the important thing is to cultivate and preserve them, since with them we can share great moments.


Within any social group, the most different types of people and friends are created, including those who seem friendly and helpful, but who only wait for the right moment to gain advantage and harm their colleagues. Popularly called a "lambskin wolf," these false friends or false friends can harm school education, careers, and even the personal development of those around them. For this reason, it is important to identify them and learn to deal with them.

False people can be easily identified by ambiguity of character. His words say one thing and his actions demonstrate the opposite: this is already a sign that a bad person has friends. To recognize this behavior, be aware of small attitudes that indicate the problem.


  • Try to embarrass or humiliate him publicly - someone who is looking to put you down or who likes to have fun at your expense certainly doesn't have a real feeling for you.

  • It is rude to you: watch who is trying to destroy your self-esteem or take advantage of other people, stay away from that colleague.

  • Break promises: if the person cancels last minute appointments and does not fulfill what he promised, it is a sign that he does not want their friendship.

  • Treat him well for interest: People who only behave in a friendly way when they gain a little more prominence in the company are opportunists and do not think twice before removing their carpet.

  • He makes a point of criticizing the smallest of his mistakes: the false friend does this to demonstrate his weaknesses and overestimate his own qualities.


What to do when someone is around like that?

This type of relationship or this type of friendships can have extremely negative effects, whether at work, college or any other environment. Therefore, consider this type of attitude and take the most appropriate measures:

  • Identify the bad intention and confront the person who is acting in this way. Make it clear that you are aware of their behavior and that you will not tolerate it.

  • Don't lose your cool. This only allows people of this type to discover their weaknesses and use such defects to harm them;

  • Maintain an honest posture. The person may try to reverse the situation by posing as a victim, so take a true and comprehensive position before everyone. Therefore, his character will not be questioned on delicate occasions.


True friends are rare and therefore priceless. They are people who stay close only because they enjoy each other's company. Sincere friendship is special, loyal, and desires only the good of others. Having friends like this makes life happier and more serene and increases motivation in personal and professional life.




Perfect article just now I completed read written by you. You've explained importance about identified false friends. Sometimes we can't understand who're the real or false friends. But experience bring us right place. I think now you can better identify false or honest friends much easier. False friends everywhere so we have to be aware of it. They find only advantages and then he'll leave form us after our big loses. In fact keep and built good and real friendship more important than without living friendships.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. If we can cultivate good friendships we will live happy times with them...

Yeah there is a lot fake one's out there, but eventually we get to used to them and so we can ignore them.

Ha ha ha it's unfortunate to go to such extremes. Better to find true friends.