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Hey good looking people. I hope you are doing well this is my post of social media challenge and as you know that we are discuss card placement strategies in this blogs. So make sure you have also read my previous post in which i have talked about chaos legion water series card placement. So we will discuss some points here and you can take any same ability card by applying same below given strategies. If you don't know about super sneak rule then i want to say that super sneak means all the melee attack monster will have the sneak ability so they will crush the last monster so you have to make strategy according to this rule. Anyway let's move on the stratgies.



Placing flying ability card in the last

There are lots of flying ability cards available but i want show you two cards here.

Regal peryton1 attack, 5 speed, 6 live & 5 manaFlyingEarthMagic
Riftwing3 speed, 5 live & 4 manaFlying & scavengerDeathNo attack

So these are the flying ability cards and taking them in the last position is the best in this rule because opponent will miss many attacks on these cards. This is the familiar strategy and many players understand it by just seeing the games and taken team of opponent so obvisouly playing by yourself is the best learning but this would be better for them who should not know about that. You can take any type of flying ability card for example if you have taken ranged attack card, it's made for this position but you can also take any melee or magic attack card because it will work perfectly here because of super sneak rule is applied in your particular battle.

Placing shield ability card in the last position

As above, i have two exmaples for you of shield ability cards.

Living lava3 attack, 1 speed, 7 live, 2 shield & 7 manaShieldFireMelee
Mycelic infantry1 speed, 7 live, 3 shield, 3 attack & 8 manaShieldEarthMelee attack

Most important benefit of this strategy is that opponent will be busy in detroying last shield ability card and you will attack and send out them easily. You already know the rule of the battle and it's super sneak so all enemy's card will attack your last card. This is why you have to place shield attack in the last because damage reduced of melee and ranged attack. If the opponenet attack with 2 then you will loss only one live which will make him work harder to beat. So this is simple formula and i hope you got it, I hope you will apply this in upcoming wild/modern which is coming on next month.

Healing ability card in the last position

Let's check these two heal ability cards.

Kron the undying3 attack, 2 speed, 10 live & 10 manaHealEarthMagic
Cornealus10 mana,2 attack, 3 speed and 12 liveHealNeutrulRanged attack

Heal ability card will heal automatically in the next round and because of this enemy will have to do more attacks to destroy it and that is the benefit for us to destroy enemy by keep him busy in the last position. So if you don't have heal ability card then you can rent some because these cards are really very useful. The thing is you don't have to rent all cards but only some important cards you can take on rent. Any heal ability card would be good in last postiion but make sure you got super sneak battle rule.

Thorns ability card for the last position

Thorns ability cards

Djinn Chwala8 Mana, 2 attack, 2speed, 5 shield and 9 livethornsDragonMelee
Cursed Windeku6 mana,2 attack, 3 speed and 9 liveThornsDeathMelee attack

Using thorns ability card would be excellent option to crush the opponent. But what if take the thorns ability summoner? I am talking about Mylor Crowling earth summoner. In case you got this type of any melee ruled battle i recommend to use mylor crowling.

Use any one inspire ability card

image.pngSilvershield knight6 Mana, 1 attack, 4 speed, 1 shield and 5 liveInspireLifeMelee
Demented shark6 mana,1 attack, 2 speed, 1 shield and 6 liveInspireWaterMelee attack

So this is inspire ability which will increase the melee attack of your team by 1. You must have to use this card to win battle easily. As well as it is melee attack card to so you are not wasting any position.

Weaken the enemy

We have talked about multiple stratgies in above discussion now let's talk about how you can weaken the enemy in super sneak rule battle so here i have two tips for you.

Slow Ability -Good example of this ability card is creeping ooze. This ability will reduce the speed of opponent monsters so less speed means less power
Demoralize -In super sneak rule you already know that enemy could come up with heavy melee attacks and if you not -1 attack from every monster then it would be difficult for you to win that particular battle and you can also make assumption by checking enemy's previous team. So demoralize ability card will reduce the all cards -1 melee attack of opponent

What should you use for other positions ?

New Project (32).png

We have shared what you will take for the last position and which cards you should take for other position so the answer simple, Heavy melee attack cards and you must have to take melee attack cards, if you want to win super sneak battle.But for low mana battle you can use low mana melee attack cards. I am sure that applying these all strategies you will rarely loss any battle.


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