Agricultural Machinery + Buying Sauna Beer

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The combine harvesters are out. It's early September. By mid-September the harvesting is done.



These are expensive machines when new. A model 2013 Claas harvester seems to be on the market for €129,900 at Konekesko. Usage hours 2470, so the machine isn't exactly pristine.


That kind of new tractors are not cheap. The average price of a new tractor is about €100,000. The range is from about €30,000 to €300.000.

DSC_0849 2.jpg


That arm extending from the barn is probably used for loading seed grain onto a machine that does the seeding in the spring. Just guessing here.


A local hypermarket


That's a wall of non-alcoholic beer. Only ten years ago the selection of non-alcoholic beers was much, much smaller. There is a clear tendency towards less and less alcohol use, which the statistics bear out.


Most of these are brewed by domestic craft breweries.


Olvi is a large brewery.


I had this. It's local. It's says there's plenty of hops in this citrus full malt ale.


IMG_7552 2.JPG

It's raining heavily.

IMG_7533 2.JPG

Earlier today, the cat wanted to keep us company outside the window. But she wouldn't come in. She kept watching the street nervously.