Sunday Showcase: Black And White Street Photos + Mordor + "Red-Light District"

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It's all very green and lush out there at this time of the year. Apples and berry bushes are full of harvest. I wanted to show you how grey it's going to look like in less than four months here. I took these shots in the city center of Lahti on November 22 2019.

Not only is the scenery quite grey and bleak but so is one of the stories associated with this part of the city.

I took these this morning.







We have a little red-light district going on here between the railway station and the town hall park. No brothels because they're illegal. But sex shops with private strip tease available. In a pizzeria on the street, three people were shot to death 19 years ago. Members of a biker gang were on a break from a court session during which they fetched guns and went to the pizzeria and shot three members of a competing biker gang to death. Two bystanders present in the pizzeria were injured.


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